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I’ve just woken up in Kelowna at the International Hostel (that’s me in my room to the right). It’s pretty great. And the other hostelers here have my gratitude for ending their Beer Pong competition at 11pm.

I’m here because I’m leading my Marketing 101 for Holistic Practitioners workshop and last night was the first part of it.

I asked one of the participants to hold my iphone so we could record something I’ve been wanting to record and share with you all for a couple of years.

It’s all about something I call ‘The Journey’ that you’re taking your clients on.

This piece is something I’ve learned from so many people: Jay Abraham, Bill Baren, Mark Silver and Robert Middleton. It’s become such a core part of my philosophy and perspective on marketing.

Here’s a photo of what I was drawing since it’s kind of hard to see in the video.


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What do you think?

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  • Great video Tad!

    What a fabulous analogy for explaining how to get into the world of those we serve in business. Thanks for sharing that!

  • TERESA – Thanks so much. I got the islands analogy from Bill. it’s so good i think.

  • Hi Tad,

    I’m a sucker for a good infographic, and this one is a lovely way to illustrate a process that can so often appear manipulative. You’ve put the heart back into it.

    I look forward to sharing a flipchart and jokes with you one day in a workshop near me!

  • hey samantha,

    thank you so much for your words. yes. i love me a good picture to illustrate and capture things. and isn’t it strange. i haven’t thought about this process as manipulative for years. it just feels so . . . clear to me. and honouring of the potential client to acknowledge that that’s what’s going on. to not making it about ‘selling our boat’ etc. i hope that we workshop together someday. i would love that so much.

  • Thanks for posting this….
    makes it so much easier to remember when i can go back & watch it again….
    even tho i made my own drawing in class….
    it is good to have the reminder and really get it stuck in the grey matter…

  • Shera Sever

    Great graphics Tad! Are you familiar with Grove Consultants in SF? 

  •  thanks! :-P i don’t know of them. what has you ask?

  • Yvonne Racine

    Thanks Tad. Makes sense and I’ve heard you say it before. Sometimes we need lots of reminding. I’m glad you put this up on your sight.

  • :-) it’s always the basics hey.

  • Fantastic video! I agree, great journey analogy – it really clarifies things.

    And I’ll comment on something else I really liked: What felt like to me, as an open, happy, humorous attitude throughout the talk. Yogi bear jokes? Rock on :)

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  • Rip Fran Winkle

    I wonder if these are genuine commentators seeing as most of them have the same thumbnail as the author of this website…. just a bit dubious!

  • I knooooow. I don’t know how to fix that. it just automatically gives them my icon. for no reason.