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make more progress on your business in one day than you have in the last year

an exclusive, day long, hot-seat based coaching event limited to ten seasoned conscious entrepreneurs


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WHEN: Tuesday, October 18 · 9:00am – 7:00pm

WHERE: The Inner Garden, 401 Richmond Street West, Room 384, Toronto, ON




If you’re reading this letter right now, then you’re either one of my favourite clients – or you’re a friend of one of them.

For the past few years, people have asked me to make some kind of ‘level two’ workshop.

Which stymied me.

It wasn’t like I had any ‘new’ content to share. Or any big secrets I was holding back in my other events.

And it seemed to me like, for the more seasoned entrepreneurs, ‘more info’ is not the answer.

So I sat with it for a while.

And last year it struck me.

What more experienced entrepreneurs need most is a space to be heard by their peers, to get at the root of the issue and then get guidance on the precise things they need to do.

They don’t need or want to be given a huge binder and told, ‘the info you want is in here somewhere’ they want to be given the precise info that will help them.

Nothing more, nothing less.

So I decided to create a day like that.

I call it the Hot Box as a working title (with obvious hippie connotations) but also because it will be a loving and unhurried pressure-cooker where we encourage each other and ask the hard questions and get real with each other.

But ‘hot’ also as in ‘hot seats’ where you have a good chunk of time to receive the focus and attention of the entire group. Not just a 2 minute question at a workshop. But like 40 minutes.


this workshop might be a fit for you if:

  • you’re engaged in work that might be described as holistic, green, sustainable, progressive or radical
  • you love pushing the envelope of what you do to make it even more radical, sustainable, socially just etc.
  • you’ve been in business for at least three years
  • this isn’t just a hobby for you – it’s your full time passion and income and you’re committed to making it work
  • you’re the kind of person who loves local food, farmer’s markets, supporting local and independent shops and you love the arts.
  • you love learning from others and are open to getting some really honest feedback on your situation.
  • you’re not in a place where you’re needing more general, big picture, marketing education but rather more some laser focused, ‘here’s the next step’ coaching.
  • you’re up to bring your a-game to an unhurried but highly focused day. you’re ready to be present for all nine others in the group all day.


If most of the above aren’t true for you – then it’s likely not a fit for you at this time. But if you could say yes to most of those things, then you might be interested to know . . .


the basic format of the day:

you sit in a circle with myself and the nine other entrepreneurs. each person gets 40 minutes of mine and the groups undivided attention, questions, insights and advice.

the first 30 minutes will be 100% focused on clarifying questions and reflections. it’s easy to hear a surface problem and want to jump in and solve it. and in the last ten minutes you’ll get the ideas and resources of your peers.

but you won’t just be sitting on your hands while you listen to others. no.

you will get 9 gorgeous, thick pieces of 100% recycled or handmade paper. each with the names of the other participants at the top. as you listen to them share – you can write notes, comments, questions, ideas and resources there so you don’t forget and can give it to them when their time is done in case there was something you didn’t get to say.

i’ll be sitting there, participating and guiding and taking notes (which I’ll be tidying up and sending to you in a follow up after the event).


the schedule for the day:

9am – welcome and introductions

9:30am – setting the groundrules

9:40 – hot seat #1

10:20am – break

10:30am – hot seat #2

11:10am – hot seat #3

11:50am – break

12:10 – hot seat #4

12:50 – debrief

1pm – lunch on site

2pm – hot seat #5

2:40pm – hot seat #6

3:20pm – break

3:40pm – hot seat #7

4:20pm – hot seat #8

5:00pm – break

5:20pm – hot seat #9

6:00pm – hot seat #10

6:40pm – wrap up




the rationale – three reasons why i believe you will make so much progress in a single day:

  • only smart and successful people are invited. you’re all smart as hell, savvy and have a lot to offer each other. i think you’ll get as much from others being coached as yourself. plus you might make some great connections for business partnerships down the road.
  • a maximum of ten people per day. this means you get to know each other. it means there’s time for feedback on you particularly.
  • questions first – advice later. there’s an old carpenters rule, ‘measure twice. cut once.’ and the structure of this day is built around that idea. instead of having you share a problem and being bombarded with well meaning (but likely off target) advice, you’ll have a few minutes to share what’s up for you and then you’ll be listened to even more deeply. you’ll have what you said reflected back to you and have even deeper questions asked of you – all with one aim – to create more clarity (for yourself and the other participants) around exactly where you want to go and where things are stuck for you. i promise you this simple process – because it’s so unhurried and thoughtful will result in advice and resources that are laser targeted to the root of the issue rather than the branches.


six big things you get from this day:

So, why take an entire day of your life and spend the money it will cost to come to this? what do you get for coming to this?

1) the immediate and honest (but loving) questions and reflections of nine other entrepreneurs on your most pressing business situation. these folks are already savvy and accomplished.

2) nine index cards full of ideas, questions and resources to follow up on.

3) personalized follow up. after the event, you’ll all get a personal follow up email with me full of any ideas, contacts or resources i think might help you. i think you’ll be delighted with this.

4) i promise you that you will leave much, much clearer about what’s at the root of your biggest issues.

5) a new or deepened connection to some of the most finest conscious entrepreneurs in your area (who knows what manner of profitable collaborations might unfold).

6) a one on one, thirty minute, follow up phone call with me to go over your notes and figure out your next steps. I would normally charge $100 for this.


what’s expected of you:

This day isn’t for everyone. If you come you get all of the things above – but there’s also a lot that I expect from you.

1) you’ll be there. You will show up on time and be with us the entire day. No exceptions.

2) you are excited to participate and bring your A Game in support of the other entrepreneurs. Important: you will never be pressured to share any contacts with each other. Only to share what you feel inspired to share in support of them. If the most you feel called to give is your listening and some encouragement – wonderful. If you want to give them some contacts – also great.

3) you’ll prepare. you’ll spend at least one hour preparing and sorting out the core issue you want to bring to the group.

4) you’ll use it. you will schedule time to integrate what you get. i’m not interested in people coming if they’re not going to apply what they get from this.


the cost:

you can attend on a sliding scale of $250 – $500 (whatever makes most sense) to be paid after the workshop. but there’s a $50 deposit to confirm your space.

i will likely raise this price down the road – but this in my first one ever.


first come first served.


TO OFFICIALLY RSVP: email me at and we’ll make sure it’s a fit.





confirmed participants . . .


Erica Ross

Says Erica, “I have spent a lifetime gathering together everything that I know to be good and true that can help women bloom into their most deeply authentic selves. I have been involved in the creative and healing arts for over 30 years as a dancer, artist, group and workshop facilitator, certified hypnotherapist, DJ, traveller and mother. I am Director and co-creatrix of Dance Our Way Home (DOWH), a women’s sacred and healing dance practice, and co-founded The Move Dance Collective, a weekly ecstatic dance gathering for men, women and children.”


Marilyn Daniels – a brilliant woman, radical thinker who helps transformative leaders create world-changing impact.

Says Marilyn, “I mentor bright 30-something women to launch their sacred missions – so they can birth a new world for themselves, their families, communities and the future.”




Katie Curtin – a 21st century renaissance woman, modern day nomad, who helps creative souls design diverse, wonderful and fulfilling lives.



David Jan Jurasek – – a wonderful man with a gift for giving counsel, mentoring and a passion for playback theatre.

Says David, “I love to…

1) Inspire people who are eager to be seen and heard to share their personal stories and so to risk being deeply recognized and understood. We do this in a spontaneous, creative and powerful way called PLAYBACK THEATRE. 

2) Help the helping pro’s to get more satisfaction from their work while also getting better at what they do. I do so through tools, workshops, and personal guidance via HEART OF 

3) I support men in re-claiming their fire (passion and power) for living meaningful lives. I do this by teaching Aikido and through empowerment groups like the Mankind Project.


Jackie MacMillan


Marissa Heisel –  I’m a holistic chiropractor and co-owner of Life in Motion Chiropractic in Toronto, and the only chiropractor in Canada to train as a Midwife. I’m a facilitator for improving neurological function and decreasing mind-body interference, essentially helping the brain to “reboot” and learn healthy new patterns to enhance physiological harmony. My passion is working with pregnant women to decrease maternal stress – which can affect the child’s health for the rest of his or her life. I believe that every woman deserves the right to have a healthy, beautiful, joyous pregnancy and parenting experience – and I believe the health of future generations and of the planet depends on it.


 Johnny Vos, RMT – I am the Founder, Owner, and CEO of VOS  Massage Therapy. I opened my first clinic 4 years ago and now run  3 successful clinics throughout the GTA. Tad Hargrave, Eric Brown,  and the Toronto Business Development Centre all played an  integral role in helping me get my business started and get the  proper framework set up for long term viability. My focus is  connecting with my clients, my therapists, and my network of  friends in business. I have a simple sales stategy I learned from  Peter Sirios, “Try me once, Try me again, Buy me once, Buy me  again, then Buy me FOREVER!!!” If you take care of the clients you  have and make sure they are always happy…. they will come to you forever and also send you all of their family, co-workers and friends. It works! My goal is to increase my annual sales growth rate from 60% to 200% or increase sales from $500k to $2million over the next 2 years. I am very excited about this workshop and can’t wait to be in the hot-box!


  Andrea Mathieson –

  As a skilled intuitive, Andrea Mathieson is a wise woman,    constantly tracking the pulse of her creative passions.        Forever an entrepreneur, she decided many years ago only  to do  the things she truly loved,  first as a music teacher  then in 1995  with the Raven Essence project. Over time,  this approach yielded  a wealth of original products and  services. Inspired by her  garden and her love affair with  Nature, Andrea calls Raven  Essences a ‘living system’ that  continues to evolve and captivate  her imagination. The 300  flower essences are used by holistic  practitioners and  laypeople across North America. Gradually  Andrea’s  intuitive work shifted from conversations with plants to  working in-depth with clients. She witnesses and affirms  people’s innate blossoming and most natural ways to be in  the world through intuitive readings and a year-long program called Tending Your Soul Garden. She has an uncanny ability to read the energies of very young children and loves to facilitate ‘conversations’ between people and their landscapes. Grey Heron, her heritage home in Maple, is a community hub where Andrea facilitates private retreats for women. Sound Circles, Solstice Gatherings, courses on Embodied Intuition and Dinners for Remarkable Women all convey a spirit of abundance, generosity and beauty. Hosting many events on her own, Andrea recently invited colleagues to develop EarthSong Mysteries with her, thus creating an expansive community who are listening to the heart of the earth and offering ways for people to be fully present in these changing times.


Rob Helmer –

At an early age Robert Helmer realized the purpose of his life was to serve others.  After graduating in 1998 from the Insitute of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Toronto.  Since then Robert has used all aspects of TCM including Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, dietary therapy and Chinese massage (tuinna) to assist others in regaining balance and decreasing suffering in their life.  During different periods of this time he has worked, studied and taught abroad (including England, United States, Germany and China).  

Currently Robert is serving humanity as a custodian of The Inner Garden in downtown Toronto.  The Inner Garden is a beautiful, sacred space for an intriguing array of events and gatherings…providing teachers, healers, musicians, performers and facilitators the opportunity to connect and share with the local community –

Robert is also the founder and member of the local conscious parenting movement. The Conscious Parenting movement is about building a collective. fostering a community of connection: >to baby >to family >to community >to resources & >to the wisdom that will support parents on their journey to becoming confidently-inspired with more conscious parenting practices.

Their courses provide respectful love & nourishment, transforming new parents into informed advocates and comforted caretakers equipped with the insight & empowerment to raise their conscious-children. For more information visit

On a personal level Robert could be described as a truth lover and he is strongly influenced by his own journey and exploration of Daoism, Sufism, shamanism, Buddhism, Eckhart Tolle and Advaita (non-duality).


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