The Biggest Shift in Marketing in the Last One Hundred Years . . .

There’s been a seismic shift in marketing in the past few years. A lot of people are literally calling it Marketing 1.0 vs. Marketing 2.0

Marketing 1.0: one directional communications. You are marketing two the community. I put a billboard which you read (but can’t talk back to). I buy an ad. I put up a poster. And all you can do is look at it and decide to call or not.

Marketing 2.0: two way communication. It’s interactive. It’s about creating conversations. I create a facebook group about a theme of my business (e.g. The Pay What You Can Economy, The Green Business Facebok Group, or Marketing Strategies for Holistic Practitioners)and then you join it and participate in it.

I create a new flavour of vegan chocolate and ask you to help me name it. I put an instant messaging function on my site so when people visit it they can start chatting with me and ask me questions directly. I, myself, go to other onlines forums and add valuable comments and tips. We create a conversation between us.

And I think the best expression of this new, Marketing 2.0 is captured in the metaphor of the ‘hub’. Like the center of a wheel. The center is called the ‘hub’ because it’s where all of the spokes connect.

What this means is that our marketing needs to change. In some cases radically.


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