Welcome to the Membership

Hi There,

Thank you so much for purchasing a Membership to my Marketing for Hippies Membership Program.

It means a lot to me.

You’ll be receiving instructions via email soon with the links to set up your Membership account. Please note that it can take up to an hour for this initial email to arrive while all the digital/cyber things talk to one another and get lined up! If it’s not in your inbox by then, do drop us a line

This email will also include a couple of hints about where to best start orienting yourself within the Membership.

I look forward to connecting soon.

Much Gratitude,



Please make sure you remember which email you used to sign up for the Membership. It may be very important later. If you don’t get your confirmation email in the next ten minutes, check the Spam folder, your Promo folder or consider that you might have actually misspelled your email and be in touch with us at the email above.

Are you returning to the Membership? 

If so, WELCOME BACK! We’re delighted to have you here again!


1) If you haven’t already, please click on this link to send us an email and type “returning member” so we can activate the extra approval step that allows returning members access to the platform.

2) When you go to log into the membership you’ll find you have to ask to join the network, please click on this request button.

3) We’ll see your email, check for your request, approve it, and confirm back to you via email.


If you have any burning questions feel free to email us at: admin@marketingforhippies.com

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