Ten Story Revealing Questions

Whether it’s a product or a service – people are very curious about and reassured by stories. Your story is often at the heart of your credibility. They want to know what makes you so good at or so passionate about what you do. Stories humanize things. Stories connect people. No one wants to hear pitch (maybe Donald Trump, but the man isn’t well . . .). People want to hear stories.

1)    What got you started doing what you do? What drove you to do this? What was the moment when you realized you just had to start this business?

2)    Why did you choose to go about it the way you did?

3)    How did you go about developing your particular approach to the problem?

4)    What were the major obstacles or hardships that got in your way as you built your business?

5)    What have you experienced in your life that gives you the ‘street cred’ to do what you do?

6)    If you’re David with your business – then who is Goliath?

7)    Why are you so passionate about what you do?

8)    Who has been your Obi Wan Kenobi? Which mentors or teachers have most inspired you in this work?

9)    As you look back over your life – what are the primary questions you’ve sat with, struggled with? What are the different elements you’ve been trying to balance or weave together?

10)    If you had to sum up your life in three chapters, what would the chapter titles be and what would they each be about in one sentence?


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