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My dear friend and mentor Caroline Casey shared once the idea that she wanted everything in her home to have a story, to know where it came from and how it was made.

There’s something about knowing the story of a thing that makes us appreciate it.

Let me suggest that depth matters in marketing – and is vitally needed in this world. That this world has given us a terribly untrue story about where things come from and so we have lost appreciation for what it takes to create things.

Meat comes from Safeway. Burgers from McDonalds. Coffee from Starbucks. Sweaters come from Walmart. And yet they came from factory farms, plantations and sweatshops.

Not that we would know.

And yet so many good, green, wonderful projects struggle. And I think it’s because, in part, that we haven’t been very good at telling our stories.

A piece of art is just a piece of art until we know the story of heartbreak behind its creation. A meal is just a meal until you hear the farmers tell you the stories of where it grew. A song is just a song – until you learn the story behind it.

Are you telling the story of how your beautiful offerings to the world came to be? Are you telling your clients about the hours, the heartache, the money spent, the sweat poured out to create what you are offering them now?

You can do this in your bio by writing a more in depth and human bio. To learn how

Here’s another beautiful and sweet example of this in action from my dear old friend Daniel Sperry.

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