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  • eagger

    Good post, Tad, but my problem with this is that it’s only possible to present this kind of story if you have space to do it. My challenge is always how to do this with very limited space (e.g., on Facebook). I found your piece too long, as well, even for skimming.

  • hey there. i don’t think the question is really about ‘space’ but more about ‘attention’. and priority. for example – is that kind of story the MOST important thing you could share with people. where does it rank. there’s always space to share the most important thing. The only question is: what’s most important. if people had infinite attention – wouldn’t be hard to share everything. there’s often so much depth to what we do that it can be frustrating trying to figure out how to articulate it all. i sure feel that. there’s no such thing as a piece being ‘too long’ (War and Peace is a bestselling classic). the real issue is – is this interesting enough and relevant enough. given that you aren’t actually considering spending a weekend of your life with me (i’m assuming). this isn’t that relevant to you – and so not that interesting. but if a busy person was considering coming – they might want to read this to get a sense. part of the art of this, that i feel like i’m constantly learning is the art of how to make sure the most important stuff is shared first. sometimes a sales letter is longer than people will read when they sign up – but the might go and reread it later when they feel nervous about spending all that money.

  • Tad, you had me with the comment from the facilitator (you) that my marketing was your problem for the weekend. I love that honesty, commitment and release. I feel it could easily be shortened as necessary and then closed with what it feels like when the meeting, event, session, whatever is done. This is very helpful for me, as is every post you share. Thank you for what you offer to those of us with hearts for service. I continually become more confident in sharing what life leads me to offer largely because of reading the supportive materials here at your website.

  • hey amy, thanks so much! so glad this was useful for you :-)