Meet The Woman Who Changed My Mind About TeleSummits – A Conversation With Milana Leshinsky

A few years ago, I recorded a video entitled Why I (Almost) Never Do TeleSummits.

I recorded it so that I’d have something I could send to all the people who were asking me to participate in their tele-summits that I almost never wanted to do.

And then a few weeks ago, I got an email from a colleague suggesting I might want to connect with Milana Leshinsky about her upcoming program on tele-summits.

I’d been hearing Milana’s name for a long time in this industry but I wasn’t excited to have a conversation. I sent my friend a link to the video and invited him to pass it onto her, thinking that this would likely be the end of it.

But, to my surprise, I got an email from Milana saying she’s watched the video and agreed with my critique of tele-summits.

So we scheduled a call. In that call, she changed my ornery disposition against tele-summits as what I imagined to be a once successful but now failing marketing tactic.

Tele-summits are an incredible incarnation of the principle I speak about in my eBook Hub Marketing.

Milana should know something about the topic. She’s the one who created the world’s first tele-summit. She’s the one who came up with the word ‘tele-summit’.

If it’s well done, tele-summits can help you build your list, become known as an expert in your field, get you into the big leagues, grow your email list, connect you with other experits and hubs, create a high-quality, content rich product, make you money, accelerate your business growth and much more like very few other marketing strategies (if you do it right).

They often fail because they approach it with the wrong mindset, the wrong reasons and use the wrong model which complicates everything.

I urge you to watch this interview and, if you’re interested in growing your list and attracting a larger following, also check out her five-day training Big Tribe Challenge or here (non-affiliate link).

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