Teleseminar with Karen McMullen

End Cyclical Burn-out:

An Exploratory Interview with Karen McMullen

Thursday, March 15th, 2018

1-2:30pm MT (local time in Alberta, Canada)

$25 USD

It can be tricky as a business owner to avoid burn-out.

There are no parameters about how you use your time and energy. It can be very easy to work too much, stress too much, over-commit, to your own detriment. And too many of us already know where this leads.

I am no stranger to burn out.
I have been reduced to ashes more times than I care to count. Just nothing in the tank. Utter depletion. Despondent. Fumes.
And I am also no stranger to the good Karen McMullen. We met years ago and share paths. We both got pulled into the meat-grinder of seduction and manipulation that is modern marketing. We both drank the koolaid and paid the price for it. But we’ve both found a way to turn those times into some sort of a blessing for the world. Or at least done our best to try.
When I heard her use the term “cyclical burn-out”. I got it immediately. It’s that tendency to burn-out, spend time recovering, and once feeling strong again to wind right back in that same over-committed, working-too-much place and then to repeat the cycle!

Karen offers a really refreshing and unique perspective on how to handle this for business owners. If you’ve ever been burnt-out or worried about burn-out, then I think you’ll find it valuable. Join me and Karen for an exploration of the topic of burn-out and her take on what to do about it.

On the call we will explore: 

  • The Love, Sex, Genius model- Karen’s unique, self-awareness model that shows your customized way to avoid the pitfalls of work-life. (If you’ve ever checked out my Point of View Marketing eBook, this model is a prime example).
  • Your Leadership Comfort Zone and how it indicates both your natural Gift and your Kryptonite that leads you to burn-out.
  • Understand all 6 Leadership Comfort Zones and how each type of Leader can get back into the flow.
  • Learn your custom Lifestyle Key for having more energy, getting into flow and ending cyclical burn-out

Karen’s Tale of Transformation:
After 7 years leading workshops and coaching, Karen McMullen had created the “success” she thought that she wanted. Her business devoted to helping people to discover and express their Genius, was financially thriving. She had an art-filled and cozy home in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, a great relationship and lots of free-time for skiing. She was considering scaling her business to the next level when she stopped and noticed that despite having achieved the outward “Success” she’d desired, and worked to achieve . . . she mostly just wanted to lie on the couch and watch Netflix.

Karen felt discontent, heavy and drained! She didn’t know it then, but she was burnt-out.

Why create more of the same? Her dissatisfaction with the illusion of Success spiralled her into a major self-discovery about spirituality and sensual aliveness.

In the process, Karen sold her stuff, ended her relationship and moved to a wild beach in Central Mexico. There she found her aliveness through dance, yoga and meditation. Nowadays, Karen teaches yoga, facilitates dance and dances salsa 5 days a week. Her leadership and coaching focus continues and she is passionate about sharing a new paradigm for living and working – the Love, Sex, Genius self-awareness model.  Her aim is to help others live a lighter, simpler, stress-free existence that makes full use of their Genius.

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