Teleseminar: Tech with Molly Mandelberg

Teleseminar: Tech with Molly Mandelberg

Thursday, March 1st, 2018

1-2:30pm MT (local time in Alberta, Canada)

$25 USD

Are you struggling with the basic “tech” side of your online business (e.g. hearing you need to “build your list” or “offer a free gift” and feeling unsure how it all works)?

If you know your work can help people, and you’re ready to share it on a bigger scale, this call might be for you.

I’ve teamed up with Molly Mandelberg, a hippie nomad business strategist, to bring you some simplified information about the basic tech tools that can help you expand your reach.

You might remember Molly from my December 15th blog post: Ten Basic Pieces of Tech Worth Tackling.

Molly helps folks like you to set themselves up online so that they can reach more people (and make more money) with less time spent on the admin/busy work.

There are many places where your attention is needed in your business, but email follow up, adding big value to website visitors, and giving personal attention to every person who strikes an interest in you, don’t have to be where you all of your attention goes all the time.

A lot of that can be set up in such a way that you press a button, or a person enrols themselves, and the process of new people getting to know you, learning to love you and receiving BIG-time from you, all happens automatically.

Have you done the math on your business tasks? For many people it would save them a lot of hours a week to automate some of those jobs. They would have much more time to do the healing, or teaching, or connecting work they’d rather do in person. Or to take a nap.

This is for you if:

  • You’re tech-phobic or tech-curious and want to know more about what’s possible in this Jetson’s age business world (without feeling like a fraud, a used-car-salesman or a like you’re going to give the whole show away.)
  • You’ve been sending a LOT of emails trying to coordinate with potential clients, or trying to offer them useful resources and you are ready to automate some of that hard work so you can DELIVER while still spending the majority of your time doing the work you truly love
  • You know people are visiting your site and still not getting in touch with you (and you’re not sure why)
  • You want to work smarter not harder
  • You know you need more “systems” or support with your existing systems
  • You want some inspiration to strategically grow your business

On this 90 minute call, you’re going to learn:

  • The difference between a Brochure and Business Building website
  • How your website can lead people, naturally and happily, to take the next step with you
  • How and Why to use an Online Scheduler
  • How and Why to have a List and invite people to it (without feeling like a creep)
  • The simple tech necessary to have an ongoing membership program so you can serve more people at a time
  • The types of offerings you can create to easily add more value
  • The (not-so-secret) secret to making “Invitations with Integrity” and keeping people around who resonate with your vibe (read as: giving a lot without running dry)
  • What to say in your emails or share with your people so that they see you as a valuable resource and lean in to working with you

All this and likely much more, join us on March 1st for a very informative and fun call at 1pm MT (local time in Alberta, Canada).

The intention is that you leave this call with at least one gem that will serve your business for the long haul.



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