Teleseminar with Alisoun Mackenzie

How to Grow Your Business by Supporting Charitable Causes

a ninety-minute teleseminar interview with expert Alisoun Mackenzie

Thursday, February 15th, 2018

1-2:30pm MT (local time in Alberta, Canada) / 8-930pm GMT (local time in the UK)

$25 USD

Supporting causes is a powerful way to grow your business.

Most of us think of it as something you might be able to do once you’ve grown your business.

Grow your business -> Make money -> Support causes.

But Alisoun flips this on its head:

Support causes -> Grow your business -> Make Money.

I met Alisoun years ago when she invited me to speak in her tele-summit. Even back then, I was refusing most invitations to be a part of tele-summits but her approach was so genuine and sincere and the topic was so interesting to me. And then, in October of 2017, we finally met in person in Edinburgh and enjoyed a meal together.

I’m excited to share her work.

In this interview teleseminar, I’ll be talking to Alisoun Makenzie from Give-to-Profit on the following points:

  • Why it’s good for business to support charities and social causes?
  • Different ways you can do this – no matter what stage of business you’re at
  • The 7-Steps for Growing a Business by Supporting Causes
  • How can you best incorporate fundraising into your marketing?
  • Legislation to be aware of when fundraising for causes through your business
  • How Alisoun has helped raise over US$100,000 for charity through her business

This is going to be a fascinating and thought-provoking teleseminar for business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders who want to make a difference in the world.

During this live teleseminar you’ll have plenty time to ask questions about your charitable giving and fundraising. You’ll also receive a recording of the teleseminar.

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About Alisoun Makenzie:

Alisoun is often described as one of the most authentic, inspiring and heart-centred souls you can meet. She works to empower business owners and entrepreneurs to grow successful businesses that make a difference in the world.

Her entrepreneurial spark was lit when she launched a travel club in 1991, and became a new way of life in 2003 when she left the investment industry to start her own business.

Since then Alisoun’s keynote presentations, training events, mentoring and best-selling books, Give-to-Profit: How to Grow Your Business by Supporting Charities and Social Causes and Heartatude: The 9 Principles of Heart-Centered Success have favorably changed the good fortune and social impact of thousands of people worldwide.

Alisoun’s regular humanitarian trips to Rwanda, helping young genocide survivors, have profoundly changed her life, and influenced the way she puts social impact at the core of her business. Alisoun lives just outside Edinburgh, Scotland.



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