The Waking Up Syndrome

I don’t think there’s anything that matters more than empathy in marketing. Really understanding someone else’s life. Understanding other people’s experiences. Here’s one of the best ‘big pictures’ on what it’s like to be alive and conscious these days that I’ve heard. Could you do the same for your clients? Could you map out the […]

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Sick of Self Promotion?

At the beginning of September I went to an event for folks who do similar things to me. With the likely exception of them all being far richer than I am. While I was there I met Morgana Rae from And I really liked her. She works to help people clean up their relationship

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Samarya Center: Unfold

An amazing community centered yoga center in Seattle that decided to buck the system and do it all differently. [vsw id=”iJfnA-iJwMI” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

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Ten Story Revealing Questions

Whether it’s a product or a service – people are very curious about and reassured by stories. Your story is often at the heart of your credibility. They want to know what makes you so good at or so passionate about what you do. Stories humanize things. Stories connect people. No one wants to hear

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How To Prove You’re Different

People have had rotten experiences with other businesses in your industry. You can’t just say, “We do it different.” So, here’s the question: What are the policies, the procedures, processes and the standards that your business holds that ensure your are different? Just one quick example on this, which I just thought of now and

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The Backwards Dentist from Australia

“For many years I felt inadequate because I found business very difficult. I thought that everyone else found it easy. Business is hard, and people often find that their work is stressful, unfulfilling emotionally and doesn’t return the financial rewards they feel they deserve for their efforts. Once I realized that, I didn’t feel so

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