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your signature talk

I was chatting with my colleague Jonathan Bender about his upcoming coaching program about helping people deliver a ‘signature talk’. It’s a term I suggest you’ll be hearing a lot more of in the coming months. But it’s a bit of jargon so I asked Jonathan to explain what it is and why it matters. …

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obama’s ad makes his case

President Obama recently released an ad (you can watch it at the bottom) I thought was worth commenting on – all politics aside. First of all, it reminds me how far the world has come that now video marketing and social media has become so ubiquitous in both politics and business. Here’s where I think …

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slow marketing

I’m in Vancouver sitting at yet another favourite hang out spot here – Eternal Abundance (full of raw vegan goodness, comfy chairs, high ceilings and lots of natural light). I love places like this. I just finished my weekend workshop in Vancouver (and Victoria the weekend before that). You can see photos here. And something …

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resonance in marketing

I want you to think of your favourite cafe or restaurant in town. You know the one. You take all your friends there. They know you by first name. There is so much affection in you for it. It’s a place that resonates for you. You feel like you fit. I bet the first time …

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stop trying to change minds

I invite you to give up trying to change people’s minds. People can be a lot like this child – stubborn. They don’t like being pushed around. Or told they’re wrong. This is the core challenge of marketing I think. Or a core blunder. Or something. Trying to convince people that we are right and …

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guest blog: scarcity in marketing – why marketers use it. how it hurts us.

by Lynn Serafinn   Earlier this week, I sent a note to my Facebook friends asking the question, “Where have YOU seen scarcity used in marketing, and how do you think it affects us?” Within a few hours, I received a LONG list of responses, with people citing everything from children’s toys, to oil, to …

guest blog: scarcity in marketing – why marketers use it. how it hurts us. Read More

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