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Amanda Palmer: The Art of Asking

This video of Amanda Palmer’s TED Talk reminds me so much of my pay what you can philosophy and rings true in my experiences of trusting people. Beautiful. [vsw id=”xMj_P_6H69g” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

marketing from the heart manifesto

One of my clients, wrote me a beautiful email recently with her ‘manifesto’ about marketing. I was so inspired by it that I had to share it. It’s a beautiful example of starting with the ‘why’ and of a clear and compelling point of view. * Marketing From The Heart? by Mary Pellicer, MD? My …

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designing for generosity

A dear colleague of mine – Nippun Mehta – did a TEDx talk on the theme of “Designing for Generosity“. That I had to share with you. Capitalism seems to be based on the idea that we’re selfish. And there’s truth to this. We do everything we do to meet our needs. But it’s so …

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stop trying to change minds

I invite you to give up trying to change people’s minds. People can be a lot like this child – stubborn. They don’t like being pushed around. Or told they’re wrong. This is the core challenge of marketing I think. Or a core blunder. Or something. Trying to convince people that we are right and …

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the client love connection

I was just interviewed via video by Rebecca Cowan (pictured here) for her new program The Client Love Connection. We had such a lovely conversation. I made some pretty impressive drawing on my white board for her. We seemed to resonate a lot on our concerns about the marketing world. So I asked her to …

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case study: toronto’s inner garden

Ever wanted to create your own holistic hub or event center for cool things? My pal Rob Helmer (pictured here with his daughter) did it in Toronto with his Inner Garden space and shares his lessons, thoughts and success secrets here. * What is the inner garden? Basically, it’s a beautiful space in the heart …

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