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creative writing + marketing = <3

A long overdue blog from my Toronto colleague Chris Kay Fraser of She’ll be writing a few more posts coming up about how creative writing can help you with your marketing. Words Are Funny Little Animals Using creative writing to create balance, boundary and beauty in your business life. (For Tad’s Awesome Blog) Does

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guest post: learning webs

I was in Thailand a month ago, chatting with my friend Shilpa Jain. We were talking about how people learn things. And she shared this idea of a learning web. And how there are different ways we can learn things. As she spoke, my mind immediately raced to the relevance for business. Learning Webs –

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wrapping your gifts

My friend Jenna and I were hanging out tonight having a crafts night. She brought everything you could imagine we’d need. She is far craftier than I. So far, she’s made the most amazing card (see here). And I wrapped two books (that I bought with a Greenwoods book gift certificate sent to me by

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