tad on the groin with simon on the sofa – 12 minute video

Now, I know what you’re thinking . . .

What a headline!

But it’s all true.

While I was in the UK, I went to the very lovely town of Brighton where I led a workshop and then recorded a conversation with my new pal Simon (pictured right) of www.simononthesofa.com who went to my workshop. Normally, he likes to record these things on a sofa but it was a beautiful day so we wandered down to the beach where it was beautiful and sunny and felt like Spain. In the UK. I get why people want to move to Brighton. Gorgeous.

And we grab a seat on this big cement thing (which is apparently called a ‘groin’) and recorded a little conversation. So, there I was on the groin with Simon on the Sofa.

We talked about:

You can watch the video at the link below:



What do you think?

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  • Donovan Giraud

    Tad, can i share the link to the talk with Simon on the Sofa (on the groin!)…on facebook?
    I think you’re just brilliant and well…I always try share brilliant things! Might get you even more famous! Maybe too famous?!? ps. very glad you’re working for the light and not the dark side!

  • Donovan Giraud

    oops – just noticed you already have the fb share button, ok, i used it!

  • Beth Tilston

    Groyne, Tad, groyne…

  • ooooooh

  • Great stuff, Tad and Simon! And timely for me – I’ve been immersed in a really traditional business environment lately, and this reminder of the ‘conscious’ view of things was much needed. It’s so good to know that there’s a way to do this that doesn’t feel awful. It takes constant work, of course, to stay on that path and not slip into posturing or collapsing – an ongoing effort for me!

    I also really like your discussion about people wanting to do good things and feeling bad about needing to make money at it. This is very much related to my own work exploring the paradigms and sacred cows around the idea of ‘doing good’. Thank you, thank you!