success story: calgary’s mortgage navigator

A little while ago, Charlotte Lammerhirt (pictured here) attended my daylong workshop for holistic practitioners in Calgary.

Except she’s a mortgage broker.

And yet, somehow she’s take the strategies and resources and done and amazing job at applying them. I thought I’d share her story as it not only gives a good idea of what I teach in that workshop but also just some plain old inspiration of what you can do to quickly and affordably improve your marketing as a service provider.

Check out the links to her work. I think you might just be inspired at how warm and human marketing can be.

Hi Tad,

I know that you are very busy but I just wanted to send you a thank you email….

My website is finally complete (yay!) but I just really wanted to send you this email of thanks….

Taking your day long workshop in the spring in Calgary really made a difference in my marketing. 


From that workshop I . . .

1) changed website designers and found someone who built and trained me on wordpress…so great!

2) bought Carrie Klassens “how to write a loveable home page” e book and rewrote my home page

3) took the “new about me” class and wrote a totally new bio

4) found a photographer who took some really really great (at least I think so) headshots of me

5) I started to do my own videos (just some really boring lender ones on there right now) but did one on ‘’ about mortgages that people love and think are hilarious

6) I am on twitter!

So right now I have a great website that I am sooooo proud of….I love it!

Your workshop really made a difference in my business… Just so you know I do read all of your emails or at least I catch up on your site directly at least twice a week.  It is so amazing what you share….all for free.

I am still working on….

1) crafting my free offer for my website (your ebook is in my bag…)
2) working on my niche…..ugh…..still just have ‘first time home buyers’  not focused enough
3) welcome video…..saving a bit more coin
4) Facebook…coming in the next couple of weeks
5) monthly e newsletter

The feed back I have been getting in regards to the esthetics of the site have been good….They (i.e my friends and husband) think it looks good and is very professional.

However, in terms of the content, they think that . . .

1) I am too narrow in my focus…(i.e (just renters??  but I can do mortgages for everyone!!)…..but I know that I am probably not narrow enough as I have not yet found who my niche is

2) Some pages like my bio, may be too wordy and long winded i.e Char, no one is going to read all of that!

3)!  Funny but a little weird!

So I think what I have decided to do is to listen to their input but go with my instincts.

My friends and family are great but I am reading and studying all I can about marketing and the majority of what I am reading is to FIND YOUR NICHE.  It’s hard as most of my friends are well meaning but none of them have taken any marketing courses!!

So I need to stop asking them (a disguise for asking for their approval) and just do what I think is the best for my business.

My site is

Thank you again so much, you really made a difference in my business

Charlotte Lammerhirt
The mortgage navigator

Share your thoughts and reflections below. I’m sure Charlotte would love to hear them.

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