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Why my blog is different than my email list:

So, there’s my email list and then there’s my blog. And they’re totally different.

I send emails out to my list about once a week. And usually that’s to . . .

  • let you know about things myself or my colleagues are offering. It often takes the form of free webinars, teleseminars etc. Sometimes these are free and sometimes they cost something.
  • to announce my live workshop and touring dates
  • to share a particularly cool new blog post that I’ve put up and invite your input.

I do my best to not send too often and to make sure that every email you get is really helpful in the moment or connects you with something that might be helpful in the future. You can subscribe to that on the upper right hand side of my site.

However, the bulk of the raw valuable content that you can read and use right now is on my blog. I come across cool stuff all the time and if I emailed my list with every single thing I came up with I’d be sending a new email every single day. And that’s a bit much for some people. Feel free to check out my blog to see if it feels like a fit. If you’ve got a cool project or initiative you’d like to submit the click here.


Two Reasons You Might Like to Subscribe to My Blog:

You might like to sign up for my blog if you’re excited by the notion of . . .

  • getting cool stuff related to conscious and authentic marketing 3-4 times per week in your email inbox. I’m talking case studies of inspiring businesses, perspectives on conscious marketing, kick ass youtube videos and a lot more. To get more of a sense of what my blog is about – just watch the video at the top of this page. My guess is you won’t read them all – but that certain ones will catch your eye and be so good you have to share.
  • you’ll also get a free copy of my brand new ebook “Marketing for Hippies: How to Make Your Marketing Clear, Uplifting, Inspiring and Effective”. In that ebook, you’ll learn about the subtle shifts that can make marketing fun, creative and uplifting (vs. pushy, slimy and contrived). Eventually you’ll be able to buy it here on my site for about $29 without subscribing. It’s my way of saying, ‘thanks for taking a chance with my blog’. I hope you’ll like it. It should be done by the end of Summer, 2011. And you’ll be the very first to get it.


My Big Hippie Blog Promises to You:

I promise I will only post the coolest stuff I find (no filler. no fluff. nothing lame). Stuff you’ll want to share. Posts that will inspire you, help you grow your business and affirm your values.  I promise you useful, bite sized chunks of goodness. I promise to give you a huge free, easily searchable library of kick ass conscious business content. I promise to make my blog a place you can count on to find ideas, perspectives and insights that can help your business not only be more profitable but more authentic. And I promise that this won’t just be a place for you to read but to contribute so we can all learn together.

And I have some hopes too. I hope you’ll help me learn by sharing your own insights on it and telling me about cool things I should share on my blog. I hope you’ll share cool things with me to post. My hope is that you’ll be very glad you signed up. That you’ll want to tell your friends and colleagues about it.


Watch this video to learn a bit about some cool things on my blog (and it might just inspire you to make some changes on YOUR blog):


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Nice things people have said about my blog . . .

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“concise, helpful, entertaining”

“I love Tad’s approach–identify key takeaways and how people can use them, straight up business sense, and with a sense of humor you don’t often find in business blogs. It doesn’t distract–it keeps me engaged.  The ‘gross’ workshop was killer. I also really liked your ideas for selling out workshops–very helpful and right on target.” – Scott Cooney, Honolulu, Hawaii,


“insightful, thought-provoking, interesting”

“Tad has the unique ability to gather information from diverse sources and filter them through his own lens to formulate his own opinion. I am always left feeling like I’ve been expanded as a result of reading one of Tad’s insightful posts.” – Laura Hollick, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada,


“I read 98% of Tad’s blog posts”
“Tad’s blogs are smart, generous and delightful. I am crazy busy but I read 98% of Tad’s blog posts because, 100% of the time, I am inspired, delighted or schooled. Take his blog post, Networking for Hippies – it changed the way I think about designing business cards, after a decade of designing business cards. With his special brand of quirk and his gift for curating quality content, they’re fun, quick reads that have done more for furthering the mission of marketing as a force for good than anything I’ve seen on the Internet. Also, he’s charming.” – Carrie Klassen, Writer & Creative Director, Pink Elephant Communications




“Your blog has resulted in a total change in how I communicate with my contacts”


“Tad, I love your blog. It’s insightful, impactful and optimistic. I’ve been reading it for sometime now. I find that whenever I’m struggling to reach out to my clients or fill a room, I just go back to your blog and find information that helps me every time. I really appreciate your style. Coming from the heart, and making connection and relationship the important thing. Your blog has resulted in a total change in how I communicate with my contacts. I have gone from how I thought I should to what I would want to receive myself. I removed the bells and whistles and now I just invite, encourage and inform my peeps. I have a much higher open rate and a way higher response rate. I’m really getting through to people. Thank you so much Tad. There are 2 blogs that have really struck me personally. One was the blog about Leadership when you spoke about the James Arthur Ray incident with the heated tents. I loved your clarity and you spoke to issues that we as leaders need to look at. The other blog was more recent. The blog with the video of the young woman in Egypt who called people to come to the square. The way you analyzed the effectiveness of her message was deeply inspiring to me. I was encouraged to be even more open with my peeps and saw immediate positive results.” – Tammy Cunningham, Toronto, ON, Canada,


“funny, smart, practical

“How do I love thee, Tad’s blog? Let me count the ways… 1) Tad’s blog has a sense of humor. 2) Tad’s blog is well written.  3) Tad’s blog has Hippie values, and it respects business too. 4) I’ve shared Tad’s blog’s Marketing Bears with over 10,000 people. And it still makes me laugh. I found it so accurate and amusing that I’ve even shared the videos on dates. (Didn’t lead to second dates, though.)5) Tad’s blog creates dialogue. 6) Tad’s blog is ridiculously prolific. 7) In a field with so much bullshit (that’s Anglo Saxon for merde) out there in both the marketing and the light-worker worlds, what Tad’s blog offers is actually USEFUL. 8) Tad’s blog plays nice with others. But not too nice.” – Morgana Rae, Los Angeles, CA United States,


“funny, practical, simple”


“What I really enjoy about this blog and Tad’s way of marketing is that he encourages you to be authentic and find ways of marketing that best suit you while also giving very solid, practical advice that works. It means that I can develop my marketing authentically AND in a way that other people understand and relate to. For me the blog has helped demystify marketing which makes it easier to understand and also helps to hit home how authentic, heart-based marketing is an on-going process rather than a quick fix. Tad understands the struggles that more alternative business people have and is able to support those struggles. His blog post on the 16 questions to design your irresistible offer is a great example of practical help. And I love the Niche videos with the bears.” – Fiona Monks, London, England


“informative, encouraging, thoughtful”

“I find your blog to be a perfect accompaniment to your workshop. Attending your workshop, I really got the gyst of how to market my important work without being a pig about it. This was so important… but your blog provides the week-by-week tidbits that help me to be creative in carrying out the fundamental knowlege that I got from the workshop.” – Lishui Springford, Owen Sound, Ontario,


“Great, Green, and Groovy”

“What I love most about Tad’s blogs is that he allows room for the different individual experiences that each person brings to the table. He does this in two ways. One, the topics he writes about can apply to almost anyone in any situation. And, two, he encourages lots of feedback to hear from everyone’s perspective!  Oh jeesh. . . Impossible to pick just one. One of the many main blogs that has really helped me is one titled, “Are your clients saying the right things about you?– Vee Dickens, Raleigh, NC


“provocative, intelligent, articulate”

“Tad’s wry sense of humor-like a good martini-very dry. His ability to have write bluntly and intelligently about subjects many people find “delicate”. His connectedness w/other like-minded individuals such as that’s socially conscious entrepreneurs or other “enlightened” guides like himself.”– Laura Dow, Washington, DC


“most honest, inspiring, the best (period)”

“What can I say. “perfect for me” – absolutely, brilliantly honest and funny and light when needed and serious when needed. “connecting” – Connects me to so much good stuff and so many fantastic people. “I smile when I get the post” – “smiley blog” ? …how do you express the feeling that I am actually eager and happy to open Tad’s e-mail /blog entry – I only wish I had more time to use all fantastic info he gives. so many favourite posts – but recently the economics of happiness. I shared it with my 17 year old son – his generation has to reinvent so many things …also the one on the “work life balance“. thanks Tad – I am a silent fan.” – Gosia Pacyna, Toronto, Canada,


“effing astonishing, nourishing to business AND soul, by far the most interesting blog I read”

“Tad’s business is about marketing for us hippies. So first off, it’s incredibly useful. He introduces me to all the cutting edge ideas and people. I love this. Secondly, he brings up the really tough questions for discussion. Things that people have strong opinions about – like selling, like etiquette for speakers, Facebookers, like how to connect authentically with people, and how NOT TO!  Thirdly, it’s fascinating in its life-breadth. Everything from poetry to art, to business and lifestyle, from money to morality, from green-washing to green-creating. It’s so across the board, and as a result is so deeply human. Full of humility, passion, opinions and vulnerabilities. I just don’t know of any other blogs like it. I think I have three favourite blog posts. The first was about when workshops are gross, the second was about the challenge of balancing work and life, and the third was the summary of the average life or a holistic practitioner. And I love the section of Tad’s blog that talks about quality of life stuff in general. Tad has set a very new standard for what blog communication can be. Keep it up, good man!” – Alex Baisley, Guelph, Ontario, Canada,


“You’re the first place I come when I want to get real!”

“Tad’s blog is informative, real, and eclectic. I’ve just found myself recommending one of your blog posts to a fellow solopreneur who was having trouble settling on a niche. She loved it! This is the second time in a matter of days I’ve thought of your blog and recommended it to others – that says a lot – I don’t tend to do that. So that prompted me to write this recommendation. The fact that your blog posts stick in my mind where others fade is credit to, not only your subject matter, but your style. It’s conversational, approachable and does not at all come across as “I’m the big expert“. You also give space to others to talk about their work – which reflects very generously on your own soul 🙂 You manage to put together a mix of fairly disparate subjects at times – but it works – and I find myself reading stuff I didn’t even know I needed to know lol! All in all – I remember your blog for all the right reasons – it is a community. A big thumbs up!  I can’t pick one – I particularly admire the posts on setting up and running a spiritual business as the advice you give is practical and sincere.” – Sue Clynes, Stony Plain, AB, Canada,


“real. accessible. clean”

“Tad teaches us about creating hubs and he models everything he teaches. I love that there’s a place I can go to get pretty much any marketing info I want (and if he doesn’t have it, he knows somebody who does). Really I think just copying what Tad does in his own marketing is the one of the best ways to benefit from his teaching.  My favourite posts include the most recent in which Tad asks for testimonials. Because he’s teaching us to be real with the people in our communities. Because that’s a huge part of what we all need to do, to learn how to share with each other, and how we can help each other. Oh, and I REALLY like the Marketing Bears video!” – Sue Burness, Markham,Ontario,Canada,


“interesting, smart, honest (heartfelt, timely, fun, cool, generous)”

“You post with wonderful regularity and I always have the sense that it’s not just “to post”stuff but because you are honestly interested and are either working your way through the issue yourself or helping us work through an a-ha you already own and love.  And you are generous in how you feature other people and their ideas.  Quality of Life is important to me, so I loved all of the posts on that. And I’m trying to find the one about men/ women / relationships and marketing (it was back in the fall). It was when I first started reading your posts and thought “Tad is so cool and real.”” – Heather Gray, (Laptop Lifestyle — Solomons, MD at the moment),

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