Marketing For Hippies

Market Your Business In A Way That's Genuinely Good Vibes

Deeply Respectful, Consent-Based, Conscience-Driven, Courteous And That Honors The Dignity Of Everyone Involved (Including You)

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What you get

The full footage of my live, daylong, signature Marketing for Hippies 101 workshop that I’ve toured around the world since 2001.

I’ve hand picked my best, curated content on making marketing feel good, niching, practical things and the inner work to get you started in applying the Marketing for Hippies approach to marketing.

For joining my email list, you’ll get a discount code worth $50 off any of my eBooks or webinars you’d like to get (it doesn’t apply to Bundles as there’s already a discount built in).


Thanks for stopping by. I’m so proud of this Marketing for Hippies Starter Kit. It’s gotten rave reviews ever since I launched it. 

I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Stay human,

PS You’ll also be added to the Marketing for Hippie email list where you’ll get a value packed weekly email as well as other emails which will also keep you up-to-date on my live events, new products, things my colleagues are up to and getting access to the occasional special deal. It’s usually a one or two emails a week.

What People Are Saying About The Ethical Marketing Starter Kit

"By FAR the best workshop I’ve ever watched. I totally feel the weird pressure off of me and ideas are pouring in."

"I've learned and understood more about marketing in the six videos I've watched, than I have done in years."

"I learned more practical and useful marketing strategies in Tad’s one day workshop than I did in my five year university business degree. I have made more progress than with $10k business coaching investments."

"This is the first type of marketing that has felt good to me.”​

“Your videos made me feel better straight away! I have so much debt from so many courses that were NOT a fit for me.”​

“I'm a bit in awe at the generosity poured forth in this starter kit and I've been telling all of my solopreneur friends about your work.”​

Get Your FREE Ethical Marketing Starter Kit Now

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