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Thank you so much for joining my email list. I hope you’ll stick around for a while.

There’s plenty of free stuff to check out on my site and, in gratitude for you joining up (and truly, I  know how many email lists you’re probably already on) and so I wanted to make a special offer to you that people who just visit my site and don’t sign up will never see.

My Special Offer to You:

It’s a package of the two of the products that I think are most important for those who are just starting off or who are feeling stuck and that most directly address the reality that marketing does not feel good for most of us and begins to lay down some very clear, practical steps we can take to make sure our marketing does.

The first is my How to Start Workbook (which I sell for $20) and the second is my Marketing for Hippies 101 video (footage of all of the core content from my day-long, Marketing for Hippies 101 workshop which I sell for $80)

By the end of working through this workbook and watching this video, I predict you’ll feel tremendously more free and confident that your marketing is not only going to feel good for yourself but for your clients too.

I’m offering them together to you for only $50 as a small way of saying thank you.

Here’s a teaser of the video below entitled “What If Marketing Felt Good?” to introduce you a bit to me and my style and help you see if it feels like a fit.

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