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WATCH: “Oh! So That’s What You Do!”

How I Coach Even My Hippiest, Woo-Woo Service-Providing Clients To Describe What They Do In A Way That People Get (No Matter How Weird or Woo Woo It Is).

Note: The package below is not a deep-dive, perspective-shifting course on Ethical Marketing and what makes that different from mainstream marketing. That’s what the Ethical Marketing Starter Kit is for. But, if you combine what you get there with this, it will work beautifully. 

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The "Describing What You Do" Bundle

Get The Exact, Five-Step System & Templates I Use (Plus Over A Dozen Real-Life Case Studies) To Finally End The “How Do I Describe What I Do?” Dilemma



"How To Articulate What You Do"

In this 90-minute webinar, you will get:

  • The most common blunders made by holistic practitioners everywhere when trying to articulate what they do;
  • More depth on the cookie-cutter, five-step template that 90% of the people I work with are able to use with great success;
  • How the core building blocks of how you articulate what you do provide the secrets to finding and attracting new clients (and how you’re utterly lost without them);
  • A very useful online checklist you can use to run through any articulation you ever come up with for your service.

Crystal Clear: Five Simple & Proven Ways to Describe What You Do So That People Get it (Even if it Seems Hopeless)

In this ebook, you will:

  • Learn the core hidden reason that most people struggle with describing what they do (you’ll get it immediately);
  • Get two cookie cutter tactics to articulating what you do that work for 90% of my clients (even when they’ve felt stuck around this for years);
  • Learn three additional attention grabbing approaches to getting people’s interest;
  • See where your business fits in the Industry/Fit Quadrant (and therefore the exact approach you need to take);
  • Learn the five core ingredients to articulating difficult to describe things (even when they’ve seemed impossible);
  • Be struck by the simplicity of 14 real life examples of people using these cookie cutter formulas to describe what they do;
  • Learn the power of finding your “core metaphor” in your business;
  • Read 40 crystal clear micro examples of crystal clear niches (and see how much easier a clear niche makes it for you to describe what you do).



"The Ideal Client"

This webinar will take you beyond the simple context of how to describe what you do into the deeper content. You will learn not just how to say it but hone what you’re wanting to say. In this 75-minute recording you will:

  • Learn The Four Levels Of Your Ideal Client: This will give you the mental filing cabinets to organize your ideas and show you which pieces are most important;
  • Get A Rough Draft Done: Don’t expect it to be perfect but do expect that it may be the clearest thing you’ve ever written on the subject. By the end of the call (if you pause and do the reflections it will take you around three hours) you’ll have a rough but serviceable draft of your ideal client that you can polish and refine moving forwards;
  • Get Ideas On Application: You’ll get lots of ideas about how what you come up with can be used on your website, to find hubs and more.

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