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Thank you for signing up to this Starter Kit. I think you’ll be glad you did.

Let’s dive right in. 

Download the two and half hours of footage from my daylong, Marketing for Hippies 101 workshop.

You can get the audio, the typed transcript and the workbook at the same link.

Two supports to help you set a strong foundation for the weeks to come:

Support #1: How To Start workbook.

This is an eBook I’ve given to those who come to my live, day-long workshops for the past few years. People have often asked me “Where do I start?” and this is about as basic and foundational as I think you can get. 

Support #2: Monthly Office Hours.

You may not know but the first Thursday of every month at 11am Pacific, I host a free, sixty minutes office hours for anyone who follows my work and wants my help.

What’s Coming Next For You...

In the coming sections, you’ll get a chance to dive deeper into the content lifted up in this workshop. Each one will cover—in a Socratic, strategic, and sequential fashion—my core thoughts on how to craft marketing that not only works well, but that feels good to everyone involved. 

  • Section #1: How To Make Marketing Feel Good. You’ll first learn the foundations of why marketing often feels so terrible and how to make it feel good (for you and for them). 
  • Section #2: Niching. Then you’ll learn more about niching than you likely ever have before (even if you’ve taken courses on it). By the end of this, you’ll know more about niching that most of your colleagues ever will.
  • Section #3: Practical Things. Then you’ll learn some very practical, nuts and bolts tactics to improve your marketing focusing on how to generate cash quickly, social media, leading workshops, selling and more. 
  • Section #4: The Inner Work. After that, you’ll learn ways to address what I call the ‘internal sticking points’ that most people hate to admit they have going on for them – the shame, awkwardness, desperation and lack of confidence that swells up when marketing appears. 

There will be precisely three shameless plugs for my Membership Program interspersed throughout and dividing up those sections.

You’ll be guided, step-by-step, through the most foundational elements of my approach to marketing.

This series will be filled with stories, examples and counter-intuitive approaches that I think you’ll enjoy.

My promise: You’ll get more real content in this Starter Kit than you do in many live workshops and online programs. And it’s yours for free.

My other promise: You can do this. You can market your business in a way that gets you a lot of perfect clients and that lets you sleep beautifully at night too (even if that sounds impossible right now). Really. 

A reminder: when you signed up for this Starter Kit you were also be added to my general Marketing for Hippies email list*. I tend to send out two or three emails per week that are more relevant to the particular times we’re in. So, this will mean three fairly content rich emails from me every week. 

A Friendly Suggestion: If you want to make the most of this, I suggest setting aside one hour per week (but feel free to make it two) to focus on your marketing. Why not treat it like a university class where the curriculum will actually make you money. Put it in your calendar as a recurring event on the day and time of your choosing. If you have to miss this date with yourself and your marketing, rebook it before the next week so you can keep up. You’ll be getting a lot of content from me. I urge you to make space for it.

A Candid Caveat: If you want to get almost nothing from this Starter Kit, then I suggest using these four words: “I already know that.” Explore this all with an open mind. 

That’s all for now. You can do this. Mark your calendar six months from today. If you apply yourself, I promise you’ll be in a different and better place with your marketing.

Stay human,


P.S. I’d love any feedback you have to offer on this curriculum as you go through it. Just click reply, at any point and let me know if you get lost or confused. Your feedback could help make this easier for those to come. I’d be grateful to hear from you. And, if you are loving it, I’d love to hear that too.

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