Well, we are almost at the finish line.

If you’re like me, you get stuck from time to time. 

You just sort of stall out. Your brain locks. You can’t move forward and you don’t know what can be done about it. 

Sometimes it’s because you’ve got too many ideas.

Sometimes it’s because you don’t have enough.

Regardless, I think these three links below might be a big help to get you unstuck.

So, think of somewhere in your business you’ve made no progress for months.

You’ve tried hard but you’re still stuck. 

Got it in mind?

Perfect. Now watch the following videos and see if it doesn’t help. 

And these ones about Beta Testing too.

And, then read these posts and I think you might just find you’re not stuck anymore. 

Getting Unstuck: The Five Minute Support-Asking Blitz 

What am I being asked to see here? 

The Work of Byron Katie in Marketing: “Why aren’t people buying from me?!” 

“I should be further ahead! I don’t want to waste another dollar or minute on my business!”

Too Few Entrepreneurs Do This One. Simple. Thing.


That’s lots to consider for this week. Next week watch for some info on confidence.




P.S. Sometimes the best way to get unstuck is to talk your situation through and get other perspectives. I have a limited number of Puttering Sessions that I do (stand alone, hour long calls at a discounted rate) but I’m told they’re very helpful in getting people moving again in a good direction.

P.P.S. Sometimes feeling stuck comes from putting too much pressure on ourselves. Often I hear people in a panic saying, “I need to have an email list/website/blog/robust social media presence, etc” But of course, we don’t need that kind of pressure.

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