Last week you learned about collapsing and posturing and how these contribute to marketing not feeling good.

You learned how, at the heart of marketing that feels bad is the hidden agenda to “get the sale.”

You also learned how coming from the agenda to get to the truth of “is this a fit?” changes the whole game.

Ah . . .  but this is easier said than done.

One of the things that can most get in the way is desperation (mostly ours, but sometimes our clients’/customers’ too). 

Go through the videos and blog posts below and you’ll hear some of my thoughts on the consequences of this desperation and what might be done about it.

Video: On desperation and bad decisions in dating and marketing.

And there are more videos on this theme here

Plus, here are three blog posts worth reading:

Courting vs. Seduction in Marketing 

Slow Marketing 

Marketing Is Like Making Tea 

“Stop Looking For Your Ideal Clients!” 

That’s all for this week. 



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