Alright, well… I want to finish this Masterclass strong and so here we are.

Below are links to three surprise, bonus gifts as my thanks for sticking through these sections until the very end. Persistence and patience have their rewards and here are a trio of them.

That’s all. I hope this Masterclass has been of some use to you.

If you’re curious to explore working with me more, and want some help implementing everything you’ve learned in these emails and translating it to your own business, you can check out the Marketing for Hippies Membership Program. 

I think you might dig it. If you have any questions about it after reading the sales letter, just click reply and let me know. 



P.S. Remember: If you’re wanting some background support on immersing yourself in this new understanding of marketing I recommend checking out my Soundcloud. You can put it on in the background and listen to it while you do chores or go for a walk. It’s broken up into Playlists (just like my YouTube – it’s the same content, but only the audio). And, of course, there are over a thousand free videos awaiting you on YouTube as well. 

P.P.S. A final reminder that, on the first Thursday of every month at 11am Pacific, I host a free, sixty-minute office hours call where you can come, unburden your troubles a bit and get some guidance on next steps. You can find the link for this on my events page.

Your three surprise, bonus gifts

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