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The Meantime Six-Week Program

The 12th Annual Thoughtful, Inspiring and Tactical Six-Week Program to Bring In More Cash Quickly Without Selling Your Soul (Even if it Seems Hopeless)

With my personal guarantee that the process will make you at least a $100 profit while also reducing your stress in the process.

January 10-February 14, 2023

Content is covered in 90-minute calls that will also be recorded to be attended and/or watched each week.

There are twelve, ninety-minute, live Q&A calls with Tad throughout.

(Two calls each Tuesday at 10-11:30am + 6-7:30pm Pacific during the program. This means that every Tuesday you get two chances to get your questions answered, one in my morning call, and one in my evening call. It’s designed so that folks in all time zones can attend at least one call per Tuesday, but you’re welcome to attend both if you wish).

Call Dates: January 10, 17, 24, 31, February 7, and 14, 2023

Cost: $200 USD



How This All Began:

Hello there,

This program is all about picking the low hanging fruit.

You know. Easy to reach. No ladder needed.

Sometimes your business is in that situation. You need the apples now and you don’t have time to run to the barn to get the ladder.

Luckily, you don’t need to. Most trees have plenty of fruit on the lower branches.

It’s the same with your business.

Most people have hundreds, if not thousands (if not tens of thousands) of dollars just hanging there, heavy on the branches of their business, being utterly ignored.

Windfall profits that are never noticed.

The big claim here is that this program will help you turnaround your cashflow crisis in six weeks.

But let me hone in on precisely what I mean here:

I mean that, by the end of the six weeks you will:

  • get very clear about why you’re in the crunch you are in
  • have a clear path out of it that includes proven, practical and profitable short-term tactics
  • have the beginnings of a more long-term, strategic plan
  • have identified the most likely and profitable, low hanging fruit in your business.
  • break the inertia holding you stuck and gain the momentum you need to get out of the old and into a new business reality.

I don’t mean that you’ll be better forever. I mean you’ll get unstuck from this current rut. I’m confident that, if this program is a fit for you (see below) and you do your part, that you will achieve those outcomes (even if it seems impossible).

My Better-Than Risk-Free Guarantee to You:

I get that there are a lot of programs out there. I get that this is an investment of time and money for you. And, of course, the truth is that I can’t promise you any results. There are so many factors at play beyond my or your control.

And so the stance I’m taking here is this: let me take on the financial risk.

You will make at least $100 of profit from participating in this course.


If you do your part, if you attend at least six live calls (one for each week of the program) and do your homework, and, by the end of the program you don’t feel that The Meantime was, at the very least, worth the money you paid and the time you invested, I will refund not only what you paid to participate but also $100 out of my own pocket

Stated another way: You can’t not make money with this program.

Stated yet another way: You will have at least $100 USD that you wouldn’t have had by the last day of this program if you sign up and fully commit to the work.

Yes, actually.

For real.


Three Reasons I Feel Confident in Offering This Guarantee:

First of all, this program has done a lot of good for a lot of people. You can read the testimonials below. It’s the twelfth time I’ve run this program. And it’s gotten better every single time.

Secondly, every time I do this program I am refining and streamlining the process to get you the results you’re wanting faster. You can read more below to see what I’ve come up with.

Thirdly, I’ve run all of my day-long and weekend workshops on a pay what you can basis for over a decade where the onus was 100% on me to deliver value if I wanted to get paid. So, this isn’t a new practice for me.

But first of all please read the following two sections in detail before you even think of signing up . . .

This Program Might Be A Perfect Fit For You IF:

  • You’re a conscious service provider, entrepreneur (e.g. life coach, holistic practitioner, permaculture practitioner). I don’t feel as confident for this program with those in retail or who are selling physical products. There is some use but I can’t extend the same guarantee to you.
  • You’re in a cash crunch and need money quickly.
  • You’re willing to spend as much time and energy as possible over the six weeks focused directly on this and you’re willing to hustle hard (the minimum being five hours a week).
  • You’re willing to admit there may be some things you don’t know and to try new approaches that might be a little outside of your comfort zone.
  • You’re excited to be a part of a group and to be there for others in their own journeys too.
  • You have a clear sense of who your target markets are (not required but mercy will it help). If you don’t, that you are willing to pick one and really focus on it for a month.
  • You like and trust me and are familiar with my work.
  • You’re committed to treating your business like a business (vs a hobby).
  • You’re floundering and feeling like you’re at the end of your rope, and you realize you haven’t been able to figure this out on your own, that you need help and you are willing to receive it.

This Program Might NOT Be A Good Fit For You If:

  • Your January and February are already packed and you’ll barely have time to make the calls let alone do anything in between the calls. This program is heavily based in homework ‘n hustle. If you’re going on a road trip, are in the middle of a family crisis etc. it might be worth thinking twice.
  • You’re not really floundering and don’t need the cash. Your primary concern right now is building up your business for the long haul. You’ve already got a solid plan that you trust will work and the only reason it hasn’t is simply due to time. If you already have a solid plan, this program will likely just be a distraction. Much better to just work the plan you already have. Slow and steady wins the race.
  • Your life is already super well organized. If your home and workspace are spacious, clean and uplifting to be in and you can see your desk (or an uncluttered computer desktop) and the bottom of your email inbox is never far out of sight then this program may not be what you need (or at least the first two weeks won’t be that helpful).
  • You don’t have a business yet.
  • You run a retail or product-based business. This program is geared toward service providers and, with a bit of thinking, the cashflow tactics can be adapted to those who sell products. I’d say this program wouldn’t be relevant to retail very much, but for products? It can still work.
  • You’re not open to receiving honest, direct and meaningful feedback on your situation (I don’t say this lightly).
  • If English is not your first language, there is a piece that might feel frustrating for you. Due to the wonders of the internet, there are times when glitches may come in and make my voice less than clear. This is rare but does happen. To make it worse, though I go to great pains to speak slowly and clearly, sometimes I will speak faster than some people can translate in their heads. I know first hand how exhausting and frustrating it can be to not be able to keep up while listening in a language that isn’t your own. Please know you are so welcome if English isn’t your native tongue but it feels important to lift this up and it is feedback I have heard from a number of past participants.

What IS The Meantime?

There’s a certain time that all of us, at some point or another in our business lives, come to experience. I call it The Meantime.

It’s a moment where you feel like you’re headed directly for a brick wall.

And, as I heard Brian Tracey say once, “Life is full of problems. In life you’re either recovering from a problem, in the midst of one now, or one is coming. But, every once in a while, life gives you a reprieve from your problems. It’s called a crisis.”

And this is The Meantime: a time of crisis.

In business, I define The Meantime as that time when you are in a financial crisis where you need money urgently and, even though you have faith in things to work out in the long term, even though you believe in the strategies and business plan you’ve put together to be sustainable in the future, you aren’t there yet and you ask yourself, “What do I do in the meantime?

But I call it The Meantime for another reason too.

It feels mean and vicious when you’re in the midst of it.

The Meantime is an unforgiving time where you seem to have to hustle harder than you ever have before. There often seems to be no way to bring in the kind of money you need as quickly as you need it. It can be a time of incredible stress and anxiety. The Meantime is like finding yourself in the midst of a deep winter without enough supplies to make it through and a sense of dread creeps over you as you think, “What am I going to do?

“When You’re Drowning Is Not A Good Time To Learn Swimming” or “Why I Made This a Six-Week Program”?

Over the years, I’ve had so many clients come to me in the midst of The Meantime, desperate for help and yet I felt powerless to help them. Most of my thinking around marketing is geared towards slow, organic and unforced growth. And what thoughts I did have about how to hustle were not well organized. 

I used to dive in and try to help them out. But The Meantime requires space. There’s something about being trapped in the fear of not getting what we want (or losing what we have) that seems to shut down our ability to creatively get through it.

What’s not helpful in The Meantime is theory. What is required is are actionable tactics that you can do right away.

So I organized thoughts and leaned heavily on the advice and experiences of my colleagues – asking them, “What advice would you give to someone in a genuine cashflow crisis? What are the best approaches you know of (even if they aren’t the complete answer)?

And, from that,  I created this Six-Week Program that will walk you through the precise steps you need to take and connect you to the exact tactics and strategies you might need to not only survive The Meantime but also maybe transform it into an incredible opportunity. There are five group coaching calls. Each call will focus on a vital aspect of your journey.

This program is the result of this. 

Business success comes down to a steady application of the fundamentals. That’s the long game. Do a good job and develop a strong reputation. But, learning those basics (e.g. niching, point of view, hub marketing, business model etc.) and applying it is near to impossible when you’re in a state of desperation and feel like you’re drowning.

This program is here to address the drowning.

I created this program to help you get through The Meantime. 

For me, a Six-Week Program was the most powerful possible format for it.

If you’re in The Meantime, you tend to need a shot in the arm, lots of encouragement, positivity, and specific, actionable ideas. And it helps if you get to share the journey with a bunch of others who are in the same boat.

But the most important reason for a Six-Week Program is because, to get out of a time of crisis, you need space – and that space does not just magically happen. It must be consciously created. 

Being in a serious cashflow crisis is like being seriously injured and losing blood. And the steps to handling the crisis in your business are not only the same, they are actually the exact opposite of what you’d want to do if you were healthy. 

If you’re healthy, then you want to be following a holistic health program as a baseline (the basics) and then, occasionally you throw in some fancy tactics (e.g. cleanses, fancy supplements etc.). But, when you’re injured you first need to stop everything you’re doing to get some space. Then you need to stop the bleeding. Only once that is handled do we look at anything more holistic and strategic. 

The biggest blunder you can make in a crisis is to just keep focused on long term strategies. Those are useful in the long term, but you might bleed to death from a loss of cashflow (the lifeblood of your business) before you get a chance. 

This program is designed to stop the bleeding and get you back up on your feet enough that you can start to take better care of your business. 

I’ve heard a lot of different reasons from clients about why they’ve signed up. 

Maybe you’ll be able to relate to some . . .

  • “I’m realizing I value money, but don’t really prioritize it, until my bank account is at zero, and then I scramble to get projects, invoice and bring in the money. And then I sit back again.”
  • “I have this block about earning more money, like it means I’m a bad person. One of those people that do bad things. Like having a sports car in my driveway wouldn’t match my community, and the people in it. Making more money wouldn’t match. I need to suffer through a zero bank account balance to motivate.”
  • “I was ready to throw in the towel on my business. Cash flow had been like an indicator light that the tank was nearly empty.”
  • “I have a lot of ideas, but have trouble saying ‘no’ to things, so say ‘yes’ to a lot of things, and dig a lot of shallow wells. But I like them all, so really struggle with cutting anything out. And they all have potential to make money, but not when I’m spread so thin.”
  • “I have a workshop that only two people have signed up for and it’s happening in two weeks. How do I fill it?” 
  • “I quit my job to start this life coaching business but now rent is due, I’m deep in debt and, and, if things don’t turn around quickly I’m going to have to go back to a job I hate.”
  • “My spouse has been financially supporting me for forever and is getting tired of it. I need to bring in money to take the strain off the relationship.”
  • “My big, high end coaching program has only two people in it but it needs ten to succeed.”
  • “I keep looking at that stack of unopened bills on my side table as I double check my bank balance online only to have it confirmed . . . i. am. broke.”

Who Am I To Say Anything About The Meantime?

My name is Tad Hargrave. I’m the founder of MarketingforHippies.com.

This is a strange program for me to be offering in a way. Most of my work focuses on and celebrates the idea of “slow marketing.” It focuses on the deeper philosophical considerations and strategic thinking behind the success of your marketing. It’s a slow and steady approach. 

And yet, from time to time, we don’t have time to wait for these more solid and foundational approaches (e.g. developing a clear niche and strong platform) to kick in. Many of them, realistically, take years. Sometimes you need to be the tortoise and sometimes you need to be the hare. Sometimes you need to jog and sometimes you need to sprint.

I, myself, have grown my Marketing for Hippies business incredibly slowly and organically with very little feeling of rush about it. It’s the pace I prefer in business.

But there have absolutely been times, largely before starting my marketing business, that I needed to come up with a lot of money fast (most of this revolved around trying to pay for the pricey [and I’m talking about $20,000 total] Anthony Robbins seminars for which I’d signed up at 18 years of age). 

I’ve been self employed almost entirely since I graduated high school. My entrepreneurial leanings combined with my utter inability to keep a job meant that I have had to learn to hustle. 

So, if you’re needed to do some short term hustling to bring in some money, read on . . .

IMPORTANT: Four Things This Program Is Not.

This program is not gentle entrepreneurial calisthenics and aerobics. This is High Intensity Interval Training.

This program is not a long term fix. My best thoughts on the long term solution can be found in my Marketing for Hippies 101 program, the content of which is available in my Membership Program.  

This program is not a complete answer: No, this program is not the complete answer for your business’ success. But it’s my best answer to how to pull yourself out of the quicksand or straighten your car out when you’ve hit an icy patch on the road. It’s my best and most considered perspective on how to deal with the moment of crisis (in such a way that it doesn’t deepen the crisis but buys you the time and space you need to make the deeper and more strategic adjustments that can assure long term success).  

This program is not a personal coaching program: This program is not the same as hiring a personal coach or participating in a small group coaching program where you get a great deal of personal attention from the instructor. I’ll do my best to answer people’s questions personally, but there’s a good chance I won’t get to everyone each week. However, I can say that there’s a very solid chance that, due to the structure of the program, you will get some incredibly solid advice from the other participants.  

Six Week Outline:

Weeks One: Orientation

Week one is our orientation call to make sure:

  • we’re all on the same page
  • you know how the program works
  • get a chance to ask any logistical questions
  • know where to find things including additional resources in the membership
  • you have allocated and scheduled the time you need to get the most from the Meantime.

Weeks Two: Create Physical Space

All of that tidying you’ve been putting off? We do it in this week.

The tidying up your computer desktop? Filing that you keep meaning to do? We do that this week.

Your messy fridge? Bam. Handled.

Over the years, it’s my firm belief that, the most important step in getting through the Meantime is creating space. And that starts with our physical and virtual environment. When there is order without, it is much easier to have order within. And, when people try to skip this, they only seem to compound the overwhelm they feel. In other words, it’s the worst. 

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in Weeks One and Two.

  • important changes you can make to your home environment and office space that can fill you up with energy, focus and inspiration
  • simple tools to organize your online life and email so it sucks less of your time
  • . . . hrmm . . . that’s about it. but it’s important, and it takes time.

Week Three: Create More Space (Emotional, Calendar, and Financial)

Weeks One and Two are about creating physical space. Week Three is about creating the emotional space, space in your calendar (oh blessed free time) and financial space so that the Meantime is not such an urgent issue.

And that space does not just happen.

That feeling of no extra money or space? This is The Meantime.

For years, I found myself unsure of what to say because, of course, there are no real magic bullets in The Meantime. Building a thriving and sustainable business takes a lot of thought and care and the one thing that we feel an absolute lack on in The Meantime which is . . . time.

To make matters worse, one can get into a spiral of crisis if one handles The Meantime poorly. People start having sales, offering things for free, creating new products every month which eventually exhaust both their bank accounts and their energies.

The real solution to making it through The Meantime is to do whatever it takes to create more space in your life while building a more solid foundation in the future. As the old saying goes, “Dig your well before you’re thirsty.” But, in The Meantime, it is too late for this. We are parched and the ground is unbroken.

This means: get organized, get out of every commitment you can possibly get out of. All those social engagements you’re not 100% jazzed about? Gone. Can you reduce your expenses? Do it. Go for a long walk with a friend to let yourself vent about how stressed you are so you can get it off your chest.

This takes massive action to clear the decks. But, once you have, you may be amazed at the incredible wave of blessed relief you feel.

The mistake is to try to jump into money making tactics directly before getting organized. This will only add to your overwhelm and usually ends badly.

“The notion that health and well being is most important was surprisingly the most important thing I took from this program. I should know that of course! However, when things get busy, it is easy to forget about taking care of ourselves, and to give ourselves space to grow.

Tad did a fantastic job of personally responding to questions and always made excellent, thoughtful suggestions. I have an incredible amount of respect for his vast knowledge and approach to marketing.”

– Anonymous

Week Four: Picking Your Top Tactic

In Week Four, you will get an over 100 page PDF jam packed with over thirty five of the best, fast-acting marketing tactics I know of. These are proven, tactical approaches to generating money quickly. 

The entire program is worth it for this one PDF alone. Over the years, I’ve thought of selling it for $100 USD with a clean conscience.

You will identify which of those tactics is the lowest hanging fruit for you – you’ll hone in on one which one is the easiest possible sources of windfall profits in your business. And you’ll get to work on it for two weeks.

In past iterations of this program, I’ve asked people to pick their top three.

I’m not doing that anymore.

MfHApplesPaintingNow, you pick just one tactic. One thing upon which you will focus. Focus is one of the most important secret to making it through the Meantime.

In the past, when clients came to me in the midst of their crisis, what they didn’t want to hear were my inspiring thoughts on slow marketing and how ‘these things just take time’. Even if it’s true that strategy is more powerful than tactics (and it is), it doesn’t matter when you’re in the midst of needing to make a lot of money fast. Then you need the fast marketing approach.

Thankfully, while they aren’t long term magic bullets and they still require work, there are many fast marketing business tactics that are virtually guaranteed to bring in income and clients quickly.

Caveat: If you over-rely on them and never really hone your platform, develop a strong sales funnel or marketing strategy, you can end up in a perpetual state of crisis (which I’ve seen many times). 

They aren’t the long term fix but, in The Meantime, they are just what the doctor ordered.

Week Five: Tactical Feedback and Support

In Week Five, you’ll get direct feedback and encouragement on your application of the tactic you’ve chose in week three. This call will be 100% Q&A. The feedback and encouragement will come from myself but it will also come from all of the other members of the private Facebook group you’ll be sharing (a group I can safely promise will be incredibly active and helpful during the course of the Six-Week Program).

Homework for this week: Keep on truckin’.

Week Six: Planting Seeds and Starting On The Long Term Fix

In Week Six, once things are in motion to bring in some income, you want to start thinking more strategically about your business We want to look at how we even got to be in The Meantime in the first place and make sure you visit it as seldom as possible. 

The secret here is to use the space and momentum afforded to you by the first three weeks to invest more deeply in the long term fix. Investing in the short term fix gets you maybe ten units of reward for every unit of effort in the beginning, but then the returns rapidly begin to diminish. However, investing in the long term fix is the opposite. At first you put in ten units of effort and get only one unit of reward but, in time, it flips and your one unit of effort yields ten units of reward. This is the importance and beauty of a good strategy. 

Five Compelling Reasons To Sign Up:

Compelling Reason #1 – Solid, Core Grounding Materials:
You will receive:
  • Five practical workbooks throughout this program (which can print these ahead of time if you like a physical workbook, or you can use them digitally). These will remain as a deeply useful resource beyond this program’s six-weeks. 
  • Recordings of calls from previous years to dig into the content before the live calls (where I’ll do my best to help you tailor the ideas to your business).
Compelling Reason #2 – A Sequential, Practical, Six-Part Curriculum:

In this program you get twelve, weekly calls. Make sure you double check the time zone to make sure you’re able to make the calls. The calls will be recorded. 

Details outlined above, hopefully you just finished reading through the descriptions of each one, if not, I encourage you to back up and take the time to read about the content of this program.

Compelling Reason #3 – Incredibly Affordable:

When I ran this workshop for the public, it was only $300 USD, which is incredibly affordable. I now require participants to join my Pro Membership for at least the duration of the Six-Week Program they’re joining. This means that the Six-Week Programs are even MORE affordable, because my Pro Membership is just $100 USD per month.

This means that if you join Membership for just the duration of this Six-Week Program, it will cost you less than the original price of $300 to attend this Meantime Six-Week Program. Since The Meantime Six-Week Program takes place over two months, and the Pro Membership is $100 per month, it will cost you $200 to attend.

Compelling Reason #4 – You Also Get These SIX Benefits Of Being In The Membership While Participating:

Compelling Reason #4 – You Get These FOUR Benefits From My Membership: 

Membership Benefit #1: More support calls. There are calls every day of the week for Pro Members (beyond our weekly calls for the Six-Week Program). These calls can be incredibly helpful in integrating the content of the program itself. I want people to have plenty of opportunities to get direct feedback from myself and from their peers.

Membership Benefit #2: Eight more courses on related topics. These are all included with your Pro Membership. These cover niching (in an extremely robust and in depth way), Point of View Marketing, and Copywriting. 

Membership Benefit #3: The whole damned library of my content neatly organized. All of my videos are in the Membership. So are all of my blog posts. I’ve also got other videos, pulled out from our weekly coaching calls there too. And there are all of my eBooks (included for the price of admission). That will all be at your fingertips for the price of admission. What’s in there? You can get a sense of the topics by digging into my Membership Guide.

Membership Benefit #4: A distraction free and supportive infrastructure. We use Mighty Networks as our platform and so the only notifications you’ll get (which you can control as you like) will be related to growing your business not sweet cat memes from your high school friend. You’ll have a platform where you can ask questions of other participants and members and get needed help.

Compelling Reason #5 – Low Risk

Not sure about signing up? Here are the three more ways we’ve done everything that we can to make this a no-brainer decision to say ‘yes’ to this program:

  • Full Membership Access During 30-Days: Remember, you get full access to my entire Membership (benefits listed above) during your time in the program.
  • Check Out The Core Content Before You Join: If you’d just like to get an idea of what my general approach to marketing is  then feel free to go and get your Marketing for Hippies ‘Starter Kit’. Who knows, the ideas in this material might help you make the $200 to pay for the program right away.
  • $100 Guarantee: As stated earlier in this sales page, If you do your part, if you attend all six calls and do your homework, and if by the end of the program you don’t feel that The Meantime was, at the very least, worth the money you paid and the time you invested, I will refund not only what you paid to participate but also $100 out of my own pocket.  You can’t not make $100 profit on this program.

IMPORTANT – What Is Asked Of You:

If you sign up for the Meantime Six-Week Program:

  • Each week, for six weeks, you’ll be asked to watch a 90-120 minute video of the content from the past years’ calls. The core content will be in these videos. The live calls are where we actually dig in, you ask your questions and share where you’re stuck and do the work. 
  • I ask that you attend as many of the live calls as you’re able to. This is where the real value is: translating the ideas to your business. And remember: if you want to be sure to make $100, you need to attend at least six of the calls, and Do. The. Work.

Stay human, 


PS: Last Thoughts: My Vested Interest In Your Success

Selfishly, I want this program to work for you.

Really, I need it to work for you.

If it works for you, I’ll get a case study I can share in future iterations of The Meantime. If I’m lucky, I’ll get a testimonial from you and you’ll help spread the word about it to your colleagues. The more this program helps you, the better off I am.

I hope you’ll consider joining me for this Six-Week Program.

PPS: To recap – Seven Reasons to Sign Up Today:

REASON #1: It’s Super Affordable

If this content helps you get even one new client, just one, and they ever come back to see you – you will have likely immediately made back your money for the program. If they come back more than one time, you will have made a handsome profit. My guess is that the combination of the material you’ll be learning in this program and your intensive focus on applying it for six weeks will get you much more than one client.

REASON #2: I Won’t Be Doing it Again Until Next Year

‘Nuff said.

REASON #3: Fast Acting Content

Of all my programs, it’s the one designed to bring in new income and clients the fastest. You’ll be learning more than 30 proven approaches that bring in clients and money fast.

And a lot more.

If you’ve been struggling to get out of the vicious downward spiral and start bringing in some income fast, you could be starting on that path in just a few days.

I suspect you may make more immediate, financial profit on this program than any other you’ve taken.

You get five workbooks full of content to help you dig deeper into what you’ve learned. This material is the result of a decade of work and research, and thousands of dollars in filming, editing, designing and transcribing to get it “just right.”

REASON #4: Get Meaningful Support

For six weeks you’ll have my support and the support of peers from around the world to not only encourage and cheer you on but to give you meaningful feedback on your ideas and strategies. From my heart to yours, doing things solo is likely what’s gotten you into whatever pickle you might be in. Whether it’s this program or another, consider opening yourself up to help.

You get five 90-minute calls with me and your cohort to go over every step of this process and ask your specific questions along the way. You get five-weeks of support from myself and your cohort.

REASON #5: Destress

This program is designed not only to help you bring in income quickly but to do it in a way that actually reduces your stress vs. increases it. You will likely feel much more spacious and clear by the end of the month than you do now. 

REASON #6: A Chance to Make Big Changes in Your Business Life You’ve Been Putting Off

Many of the people who’ve been in this program have commented to me that one of the biggest blessings of being in The Meantime (the program and the cash flow crisis) is that it opens up the opportunity to make big and bold changes to their business. Changes they have known they’ve needed to make for a long time.

REASON #7: $100 Profit Guaranteed

Finally, and perhaps most compellingly, I’m offering a double your money back guarantee on this event. I am taking all of the financial risk on myself. If you do your part and aren’t happy with the results, I will offer you a full refund plus $100 out of my own pocket so that you can say you made a profit on this event. There will be no hard feelings, though I will ask you to let me know what didn’t work for you so I can improve on it next time.

“Very doable and produced results beyond my expectations.”

“Some of the strategies were so simple and realistic to apply, very doable and produced results beyond my expectations.

I think the biggest thing is it’s brought back the hope that I can be successful in my business.

What was unexpectedly really impactful was the the first exercise of creating space in my business. I cleaned up my working space, got my finances in order and emptied my e-mail inbox. I didn’t realize how powerful this was until a few days later I received a donation cheque for $1,000 out of the blue from a client who took one of my retreats years ago and wanted to thank me for the difference it made in her life. I realized later that all the clutter in my business was filling up a lot of psychological space and preventing money flowing into my life. Now every day I spend 1/2 hour just clearing space. I have even extended this into creating emotional space, just letting go of the worrying about money that fills up my heart and mind. Remarkably, I am relaxing more in my efforts, doing less and more income is coming in.”

– Russell Scott, awakentheguruinyou.com

“I’ve never experienced anyone hold space so well on an online course.”

“I’ve never experienced anyone hold space so well on an online course, and especially in what might be sub-optimal conditions — such a large number of people, and using Facebook. It’s no small thing to not only deliver valuable content but also to create community and create conditions for participants to go inward into a more reflective space using virtual means. (I’ve often felt that using Facebook or live  feeds isolates and distracts rather than deepens experience as you did). 

How you created that space was, I think, partly good instructional design (e.g. asking folks to list (simultaneously) what they were proud of and what they were being irresponsible about was brilliant because there can be so much guilt and shaming around the Meantime). But the thing that really shone through was your love, transparency, and advocacy for the brilliance and importance of the participants’ work to the world. All of which adds up to supporting motivation and action.”

– Marilyn Daniels, wisdomleadership.com

“I have been continuously applying the tools for increasing immediate cash, and always see a result.”

Before the workshop I was excited to learn about ways to bring in more cashflow, but a bit worried that it might not work for me. I felt like I had tried so many things, and I didn’t know what difference this would make. But by the end of it I was blown away at the wealth of knowledge and expertise that Tad was offering. Since the end of the 30 days, I have been continuously applying the tools for increasing immediate cash, and always see a result. I am very happy I took the challenge.

The impact of the Meantime Challenge is that it is getting me through a very difficult time financially, without my having to change my lifestyle of homeschooling and go out and work for someone else. It is allowing me to pursue my dreams and still feed and house my family.

I love the interaction with everyone on the private Facebook page. The questions during our calls were excellent – and seeing everyone’s responses really helped me to feel welcome and supported.”

– Waymatea Ellis, waymatea.com

"Improving and relaunching an existing product brought €24,000.”

I’ve been on the brink of bankruptcy, racking up debts, and at the same time I have been trustful that it would all work out . . . and it did!

At the point it couldn’t go any deeper, it all shifted. It happened in the course of one week. In the beginning of that week I was about to give up, I’d already contacted the boring job I did before, and felt quite heavy about it. At the end of the same week I had a 24k client (euros/about 32k in dollars), with about the same amount in the pipeline, a big sponsor for my new zero CO2, zero chemicals plastic upcycle installation, and a client who wants me to help making the shoe industry in China more sustainable. WOW!

The 24k client will give me the income to develop my projects further, without money stress! For them I will give the workshop I developed last year on all the schools in my home town. I love doing this, and it will cost me only two days a week!

The meantime program helped me a lot. The ‘low hanging fruit’ tactics I chose were:

  • improve an existing product & relaunch it: my existing product gave me my big client, and with their money I can make some great improvements on my installation and programme! 
  •  crowd funding: this has especially worked for me. I found an organization that will do the crowdfunding for me.
  •  your wish list – ask, barter & trade: And the ask, barter and trade tactic got me a superb, fast notebook for free, which I desperately needed to replace my old and dying computer!

I’m ending this rocky year in euphoria, and looking forward to the next one!”  

– Rick Classen, degroenemakers.nl

“I got more out of this course than anything I’ve ever done. As someone in the holistic healing world, your message got me out of a burnout stage and moving positively again.”

“Tad, as someone old enough to be your mom, I have to tell you how I’m continually impressed with all you offer to the world in marketing that is NOT gross!  You really speak to me . . . clearly, passionately, and with immense integrity.

I first learned of your work after completing another online course that cost me tons of money – more than I could really afford but I fell for the sales pitch – and then felt not-so-good.  While I learned lots of wonderful things, it still felt pushy and yes, gross.  I just wanted something different that made me feel authentic in my marketing and then I came across your website.  First, I was intrigued by the name Marketing for Hippies since I grew up in the era of hippies!  I needed to know more.  And so I have.  

I have bought many of your online e-books, taken a few of your online workshops, and really enjoyed all of them, but the one that really, really stuck was the one last fall (2015) called The Meantime.  I got more out of this course than anything I’ve ever done. As someone in the holistic healing world, your message got me out of a burnout stage and moving positively again.  I did many of the actual exercises you laid out, cleared lots of space around me with my office, inventory, bookkeeping, getting needed support, made some extra money ($1500) just picking some of the “‘ow-hanging fruit,’ and so much more.  As a matter of fact, I’m going to review that information again this month because I know I’m heading into The Meantime once again – tis the season and I’m feeling the need to clean out and clean up my business as part of my Fall ritual now.

Thank you, Tad, for all you do.”

Cathy Atkinson, ND

“I went from my worst few trading weeks to my best on record during the program, with clear strategies on how to maintain the momentum.”

“I went into the Meantime after the worst few trading weeks in my business for over a decade. I knew I had much of my business foundations in place, but I also knew that what I had done before would not take me forward to where I needed to be. There had been a piece missing from the puzzle and I simply couldn’t see where the gap was.

I have been following Tad’s work for many years and was attracted to his honesty and integrity of approach. I knew that this program would not be snake oil or smoke and mirrors, but would have solid, ethical foundations that would stand me in good stead moving forward. What I found was more than I could have hoped. Tad’s process was well considered and achievable. He held the space firmly and gently.

And the result? I went from my worst few trading weeks to my best on record during the program, with clear strategies on how to maintain the momentum. If you are willing to put in the work, then the Meantime can be life-changing.”

– Ingrid Cliff, heartcomms.com.au

“As of today, I have received £676 with £122+ anticipated.”

The Meantime Challenge fulfilled my expectations and gave me lots of valuable tools to apply both during the Challenge and on-going. It also linked me with some very supportive people and a format that I found easy to engage with, eg online materials, calls and Facebook support.

The single biggest benefit I got from the workshop was definitely taking the time to creates some space and focus – out of which the following has flowed:

  • At a personal level: making sure that I don’t overwork e.g. well into the evening and I giving myself time off to do nice things with family and friends, rather than squirrelling myself away on my computer and having that as the most fulfilling thing in my life – a well recognised habit!
  • Business: creating an impetus to complete tasks that have been ‘hanging around’ and to be clear what and why I am creating new products and services.
  • Income: I set a goal to achieve £500 by the end of November, to recoup this and other training I have done this year. As of today, I have £676 received with £122+ anticipated – so I am very pleased!

The most positively unique thing I got from the workshop was: short time-scale in which to access new ideas, goals to set and achieve and plenty of great support. Really appreciated Tad’s very generous time on the calls, specifically addressing the issues of individuals.”

– Sarah Wiltshire, pathwaysforchange.com


“The Meantime process works. It helps to get your head in the right space to deal with your immediate financial challenges.”

“First: the Meantime process works. It helps to get your head in the right space to deal with your immediate financial challenges. It helps to get you focused on what you practically need to do to not only get yourself out of a financial hole, but also helps you to fill in that hole, so you are standing on firm and solid ground once again. The resources you receive to help you achieve that are substantial, and you will find yourself referring to them over and over again.
And in Tad Hargrave you have access to someone who not only knows their subject matter inside out, he delivers it so that each member of the course gets exactly what they need to regain a real sense of inner and outer prosperity. For those who feel they have lost their way financially, or who struggle to earn a decent living while helping others, I highly recommend investing in this course.” 
– Brian Parsons

“Without this course I never would’ve thought of or been willing to do a sale like this. I’m SO glad that I did.”

I’m 9 minutes away from closing a 5 day sale. Without this course I never (and I really mean never ever) would’ve thought of or been willing to do a sale like this. I’m SO glad that I did. it was way out of my comfort zone, but it’s been incredibly rewarding (read: I’ve grossed about $1800!). I’ve got a full week of orders (almost 30) to fill, but it’s a great way to start this calendar year.”

– Garliq, livingmedicineproject.com

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