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too few entrepreneurs do this one. simple. thing. (but it might be exactly what you need)

If you’re feeling stuck in your marketing and want to get unstuck . . . and if you’re needing to make progress in your business there’s one thing I recommend.

Before I tell you what I recommend, I’ll tell you what I don’t recommend: waiting.

Most entrepreneurs have big ideas and plans but something is missing (e.g. funding, expertise, skill etc.) and so they just, kind of . . . wait.

But the biggest thing missing for your success isn’t more resources – it’s usually more resourcefulness. And the heart of resourcefulness is knowing that you can’t do it alone.

Here’s the thing too few entrepreneurs do.

Ask for help.

Do you struggle with accounting? Ask for help.

Do you know you need to do public speaking to get clients but are terrified? Ask for help.

Have a big event coming and not sure how to maximize the PR on it? Ask for help.

Have no idea how to organize your office? Ask for help.

Spend time with someone who can help you. Reach out for help.

The disease that plagues so many solo-preneurs who fail is the inability or unwillingness to ask for help. The feeling that you should somehow already know how to do everything in your business.

You never will.

And you don’t always have to pay for it. Sometimes people will be willing to just go for a coffee and look at your situation. Sometimes people will be willing to become your mentor at no charge.  Sometimes you can book time with a colleague to support each other without needing to spend money. It might just look like hiring someone part time to be your assistant.

Sometimes people will say no. Sometimes they’ll say yes.

And sometimes you’ll need to spend money. But it’s usually worth it.

The help might be in a book. Or a workshop. It might be in a consultant or coach.

But sometimes we’re just too close to our own situation to see clearly. Sometimes the combination of an external perspective with years of expertise can move us further ahead in an hour than we could have gone in months (or sometimes even years).

If you don’t ask for help – you’re left waiting. And then time flies by.

Last year, I went to a meditation workshop carrying a heart full of heartbreak. I’d struggled for years – fruitlessly – to resolve it on my own. But the facilitator was so kind, clear and skilled that I was able to take a very big step. A step I hadn’t been able to take on my own (despite trying very, very hard).

Years ago, I sat in a car with a fellow marketing consultant and listened to him share his own marketing struggles. After sharing my thoughts and reflections, he looked up and smiled, ‘Oh! So, that’s what it feels like to talk with a marketing consultant!’

I knew I needed a new website for two years before my friend Jaime Almond basically forced me to sit down with her and three hours later we had my website.

Two years vs. Three hours.

Ask for help. Or at least accept it when people force it on you. If you can’t be bold in asking be gracious is receiving.

Here’s my question to you: where do you need more support in your business?

Unsure? It’s probably somewhere where you feel like you’re stalled, waiting or kind of frozen.

Really sit with that.

And then ask for help. From anyone.

Asking for help doesn’t mean you’re weak. It means you’re human. It doesn’t mean you’re a taker. It means you’re a part of a community.

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