80 Minute Video: Conversation on Transparent Marketing with Simon on the Sofa


Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 3.13.27 PMI just had an 80 minute google hangout with a dear friend and colleague in the UK who’s known as Simon on the Sofa

We spoke about how marketing often feels ‘off’ even, sometime especially, when it’s called ‘conscious marketing’. 

We spoke about how dating and marketing were intimately connected and about the importance of vulnerability in both.

I really enjoyed our conversation a lot and I hope you will too.


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  • Dabney

    Loved listening to this conversation. It really is a continuous challenge to be transparent in marketing and to find the place of true authenticity & vulnerability. I appreciate how well you walk your talk, Tad.

  • thanks dabney!

  • Tova Payne

    Thanks Tad for this awesome video. I loved hearing all this, and love the honesty, I resonate so much with what you said. Thank You!

  • so glad you liked it. it was a lot of fun to record.

  • Totally loved listening into this open + honest conversation between you and Simon. Definitely resonated with much of it! Thanks for letting us in. Have a blessed week!

  • thank so much ashley :-)