seven before and after headshot examples

I was just chatting on the phone today with my new colleague (and increasingly pal) Maruxa Murphy.

During our chat she mentioned a photographer, Christina Morassi, who had a real gift for capturing people’s essence in her photographs and had some great before and after shots to prove it.

Now, I’ve written before about the importance of having a great headshot and given some before and after examples – but I don’t think you can have too many examples.

Somehow it feels like, in the ‘after’ photo, they let themselves dress more authentically. They wore clothes that expressed more deeply who they were. There’s something that feels a bit more real, warm and human – more authentic – about the setting chosen for the after photos.

When I look at the after photos I feel like I get a much better feel for ‘them’ and whether or not they’d be a fit for me. In some of the first photos there’s a sense of ‘trying’ to look good, professional, empowered but in the after photos – there’s more of a sense of them being relaxed, comfortable in their own skin and allowing who they are to show. The first ones seem ‘impressive’ but the afters feel beautiful.


See the difference:

Before —————————After

My clients OLD business portrait /After Flipping Their Switch

Rose Cole ~

Tracey Trottenberg ~

Stephanie Radkay ~

Katharine Dever ~

Lisa Steadman ~

Julie Steelman ~

Wendy Prior ~


What do you think about the difference?

Leave your comments below.


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  • Jack Z

    Tad – you can definitely see that the second (after) photo’s were professionally done, and the first photo’s only some were professional (the lighting and look on Wendy’s and Lisa’s for example make them look like home snapshots).  Therefore I agree that all the second pics are nice photographs.

    BUT – when examining them in context – in the marketing world – I would have to disagree on the quality of picture to send the right message, and to fit the context.  For example Tracey’s new picture would not work on her header on her web page and it also does not instill leadership or confidence as much as her original. 
    On Rose’s website she has an excellent picture that works well in her context – and I find it hard to imagine how I would use the new photograph in any marketing material as the feature picture.
    I think Julie’s new pic works excellent and does speak to her passion and service offering.  But on the other hand, Katherine’s does not work for me (although I do not know her target market).  To me it lacks professionalism that I would expect with her ‘money’ service.

  • hey jack. interesting! there really is something about consistency between who we are and our business offering and our image. and often what i’m finding is that the photo captures the person’s TRUE essence and that the BUSINESS itself is out of alignment with the person. does that make sense? like i saw a website of a hypnotherapist which was all blues, waterfalls and lalalala feeling. but her photo was really intense and reddish hues. when we met in person i realized her photo was the real deal. yet she’d built a business and tone around what she maybe thought the marketplace wanted.

  • I thought the Afters were better except the first one, Rose Cole.  I liked the before in that case. I see that most of the afters are outside. Gives the photo more energy, doesn’t it? Also fits for some “hippie” businesses.  I am a fan of your head shot, too Tad!

  • thanks Alana!

  • Jack Z

    I agree Tad – whenever possibly your business should be a natural fit with your true passion – who you are.  Sometimes not easy to do. :)