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And here is the third and final installment of Chris Kay Frasers‘ series on creative writing for your business.


Hello again!

This is the final-of-three in a series of guest posts on Tad’s blog about using writing as a tool to stay balanced, boundaries and joyful in your business life.

Here’s the rationale again:

If you are reading this blog, chances are that you work for yourself, and that you love your job. It’s awesome, right? But here’s the thing: Love is crazy-ass fuel. No matter how nourishing your businesses may be to others, it only nourishes you when you can approach it with a deep sense of boundary, balance and fun.

In this final post, I want to talk about using writing to celebrate & love yourself, and your work.

I have to tell you something though – something that only Mail Man Matt and I know. It’s a bit embarrassing, but I trust you. Ready?

Here it is:

I send myself a lot of mail.

I do! I love it. I write myself letters often, from little notes to find in the morning, to long meditations about life’s big questions to read months down the road. I write myself letters to read before or after big events that I’m nervous about. I write myself letters to read when the weather gets crappy and I need a lift. I often mail these to myself, or I give them to friends to mail at their whim.

In these cases, words feel like like tiny little stones, holding big truths down on the page. Some things are easy to forget. Personally, I find it easy to forget things like this:

I am doing incredibly beautiful work in the world.

I am allowed to take a long break this afternoon.

It’s important to garden, eat well and sleep in.

I love this idea so much that last fall I ran a “Love Letters Aren’t Just For Lovers” campaign, which I later turned into a *love letter an e-class, walking people through writing seven letters from their hearts. This is a fun and affordable tool for you if you want some direction on this road. (I also ran an enormous love letter contest! *You can read the winners here.)

As a fun twist on this theme, my friend and communications expert *Carrie Klassen of Pink Elephant Communications invited some of her favorite business-owners out for brunch before Christmas and invited us each to write a love letter to our business. When we were done, we passed them to the person next to us, who would mail them in the new year. Magic!

You deserve to be celebrated.

Your work deserves to be celebrated.

The world might not always remember this, but you can.


Talk to me!

Does this sound ridiculously self-aggrandizing, or totally alluring? Have you done anything like this before? How did it go? Will you try it right now?


This brings us to the end of this little word-journey. It’s been a lovely treat to get to chat with all of you. Thanks to Tad for lending me his wonderful community! I wish you nothing but good weather and beautiful vistas on your own Self Employed Adventure — your SEA.

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