Dozens of Ideas For Your Morning & Evening Rituals

First of all, I don’t do these as consistently as I know I should. But, when I do, it’s hard to point to anything that makes a bigger difference in my quality of life.

In my 30-Day Cashflow Challenge, The Meantime I see that most people are so burned out. They come to me wanting tactics on how to generate more money quickly and, while we go into plenty of ideas on that, the most important thing we need to do is carve out space for the basics to appear in their lives. We need to get them out of panic because panic is a terrible place from which to make business decisions.

How do we create that space? Well, there are many options but how we begin and end our days has an immense impact. 

So, I’ve gathered some resources together to get your started on designing or freshening up your own.

Idea #1: Start Small.

If this is new to you, I recommend starting with a commitment to just five minutes for your morning ritual and five minutes for your evening ritual. Start there. Start with something you know you can do.

Morning Ritual

Idea #2: Your Morning Chug. Drink water first thing in the morning.

Before you go to bed, get yourself a mason jar full of water. I add three drops of Nascent Iodine in mine because we’re all deficient in it it seems. You can also squeeze in a bit of lemon juice to and enjoy these twenty benefits. And then chug it. If there’s nothing in your stomach, the water goes right through. Once you have any kind of food in your stomach, it will close to digest it and you can’t get any more water in. Sometimes I will, over the course of an hour or so, drink three mason jars full of water. In this modern world, 75% of us are deeply and chronically dehydrated. You can read some more facts on dehydration here. And you can learn more about all the benefits on this morning chug.

Idea #3: No electronics 30 minutes before bed or after rising.

It’s so easy to get instantly sucked into the screen. And, once that happens, you can kiss your morning and evening routines goodbye.

Ah. But your phone is your alarm clock isn’t it. So, I’d suggest investing in an actual alarm clock and leave your phone outside your bedroom. 

Idea #4: Design a Routine That Is Doable 

Not sure what to include in your morning routine? Here are a collections of articles full of possibilities. Give them a browse to see if anything new and worthwhile jumps out. 

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Evening Ritual:

How we end our days matters a great deal too.

For myself, I have found that I can best do most of my ‘end of the day’ things in the 30 minutes before dinner. During that time, I spend some time at my altar, plan my next day, do some stretching, drink some bitters to prepare for dinner and have some bone broth.

And then, just before bed, I just make sure that there are no electronics within 30 minutes of sleeping and I read and allow myself to wind down. I found if I tried to do that all right before sleeping, it never worked. 

And, as above, here are some articles full of ideas that can transform your evenings forever.

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