MfH Retreat

"I'd like to host you and 29 others in a yurt for my annual Marketing for Hippies Retreat."

 Duncan, BC, Canada

July 10-14th, 2024 

30 8 Places Available

$100 USD Deposit + PWYC or $1500 USD

Flat Fee

I will be hosting a four-and-a-half-day retreat in Duncan, BC, Canada in July in the yurt beside my house. 

It Might Be A Fit If You…
  • Have followed my work for a while and resonate with it.
  • Are willing to put in three hours of work before you come (if you’re new to my work).
  • Have been in business for at least one year, or ideally three or more.
  • Have a business and not just a hobby. You’re serious about growing it.
  • Know your business could be doing better than it is but you need help with your marketing.
  • Are open to candid feedback from a group of your peers. 
What This Retreat Is …

The MfH Retreat is a content-rich, roll-up your sleeves, nuts and bolts weekend experience. 

You’d pay at least $1500 USD for it if I were to charge a flat fee. 

But instead of paying $1500 USD, you pay whatever you want to pay/can afford (at the very end of the retreat). 

Whatever you pay will be the perfect amount. 

Some people can afford more and some less. There’s no expectation to pay a particular amount at all. 

To be clear: it is not a marketing 101 workshop. But! If you’ve found yourself reading this sales page, you’re likely already pretty familiar with me and my work; you’re likely already “in.” 

So if you already get what Marketing for Hippies is about, then together, we can dig in deep.

That said, if you are relatively new to my work and are keen to attend this retreat and you have about 12 hours before the retreat where you can watch some of my videos and get up to speed on my approach, I would be delighted to welcome you along. The materials I’ll suggest you review and watch are:

These materials will be provided upon registration.

If you have questions about whether this retreat would be a good fit for you once you’ve read this whole sales letter, please drop my Live Events Coordinator a line at

What will it be like? Imagine this...

Imagine having four-and-a-half-days away from it all, with a small but mighty group of entrepreneurs. 

Imagine finally having time to reflect on and actually work on your own business.

Imagine sitting with your laptop over lunch and having a new colleague walk you through the re-doing of your homepage or sales page; or taking a walk on through the lush, West Coast forest while you get feedback on an offer you’ve been thinking up; or perhaps sitting in a cozy cafe helping that new colleague rework their whole social media strategy.

At this retreat, we’ll get cozy together as we dig into our marketing with each other. 

There will be dinners together and maybe even a night to sit around the fire and enjoy each other’s company outside of the realm of our businesses.

Key Features:

Home Teams: At the retreat, you’ll be arranged in ‘home teams’ of four to five people. For most of the mornings and afternoons, you’ll get together and one of you will bring their most pressing business problem and, for 30 minutes, receive listening, coaching and support from the other three. In this way, you’ll get to know each other’s businesses well and figuring out, more precisely, where you’re stuck. Many people have said this was one of the major hilites of the retreat.

Morning Office Hours: Each morning at 9am, I’ll be in the yurt happy to give some one on one attention to folks needing extra attention.

Open Space To Work: I am planning on two, three-hour sections where you can just take the time to go off by yourself and do that long-term visioning and planning you’ve been meaning to do. During that time, I’ll also be opening up some ten-minute coaching sessions.

10 Minute Focused Coaching Sessions: During the open work time, I’ll be creating a dance card you can sign up for (once per participant) to get my focused attention and direction. 

Afternoon Q&A’s: In the afternoons, there will be 60-90 minutes where you can ask me anything or where I might share something new I’ve been working on. 

Social Nights: I imagine we will have at least two nights where we get to hang out at the yurt or at my place just fifty steps away.

Sunday Morning Integration: Most of Sunday morning is focused on you have time to take everything you’ve been wrestling with and to turn it into a plan. I’ll be available for questions and consultation during that time as well. 

Spacious Lunch Breaks: We take two hours for lunch so you can decompress, reflect, connect with each other etc. 

TBD: You’ll notice a few TBD times scheduled in the agenda below. I’m leaving those spaces open so that we can adapt to what you need. Those sessions might be me teaching something new, open Q&A time, time for guest presenters to share, break out groups, a trip to the beach etc. We’ll figure that out once we’re together. 


This is the rough agenda we’ve got for the retreat. Of course, it may change as we get closer. But this is the loose idea.

JULY 10th


10am – Welcome

11:15am – Break

11:30am – Intention Setting

12:30 – Home Teams

1pm – LUNCH

3:00pm – Home Team Meeting (HTM) #1

4:00pm – BREAK

4:20pm – Afternoon Session

6:00pm – Wrap up


JULY 11th


10am – Morning check in.

10:30am – (HTM) #2

11:30am – Break

11:45 – TBD

1pm – LUNCH

3:00pm – Home Team Meeting (HTM) #3

4:00pm – BREAK

4:20pm – Afternoon Session

6:00pm – Wrap up


JULY 12th


10am – Morning check in.

10:30am – (HTM) #4

11:30am – Break

11:45 – TBD

1pm – LUNCH

3:00pm – Home Team Meeting (HTM) #5

4:00pm – BREAK

4:20pm – Afternoon Session

6:00pm – Wrap up

Social Night of some kind!


JULY 13th

10am – Morning check in.

10:30am – Open space to work

11:30am – Break

11:45 – TBD

1pm – LUNCH

3:00pm – TBD

4:00pm – BREAK

4:20pm – Afternoon Session

6:00pm – Wrap up

Final night Ceilidh (party)


JULY 14th

10am – Home team check out.

10:30am – Integrate & Plan

12:00pm – Whole group check out.

1pm – DEPART

About the Location:

This retreat will be held in Duncan, BC at the Lila Music Center in the 30′ yurt of Cari Burdett (close by the Quw’utsun River).

I’ve been living on this land since September, 2022.

I live about 20 feet from it on these beautiful three acres. 

This yurt has hosted many magical events including Cari and I running The Basket of Stories – a monthly event where we dug into old, European folk tales and explore what they could teach us about community building while we made willow, hoop-frame baskets with our hands (to be given to local indigenous elders).  

Nine Solid Reasons to Attend:

Assuming you generally like my work and what I’m about, there are some solid reasons to consider finding a way to get there (even if you need to travel a bit). 

Reason #1: This is a rare opportunity.

I’ll only be offering this retreat twice per year at most.


Reason #2: It’s pay-what-you-can.

There’s a $100USD deposit to confirm your space (if you choose the PWYC option).

Reason #3: The power of a focused weekend.

Spending a whole weekend focusing on anything is liable to earn you some progress. During this weekend, you’ll be guided through your largest marketing sticking points. You’ll have four and a half days to dedicate your focus to improving your marketing (time we likely wouldn’t, if we’re honest, spend on our own).

Reason #4: Networking.

You’ll get to spend the weekends with a group of fine folks with similar values and a wide range of experience in different business contexts. These are people who may have clear insights to offer you. They might have some important connections for you. They might be important connections to you themselves. So many entrepreneurs are really solo-preneurs meaning that they do everything themselves. And, frankly, it’s why so many of them fail. To succeed in business you need partnership and a team. These are people you’ll be able to stay in touch with after the weekend if you click who could be a huge support for you in your marketing.

Reason #5: Powerful workshop format designed for relevance.

Getting access to my time is getting harder and harder these days. 

I charge $200USD/hour for my Puttering Sessions and they sell out rapidly. 

Over the four and a half days, you are guaranteed to get your toughest questions addressed by me personally. 

I’m not going to teach content unless I am convinced that it is relevant to the group and the moment.

Reason #6: Get things done during the weekend.

Do you have a sales page or homepage you’ve been meaning to rewrite? A marketing strategy you’ve been meaning to plan out? During this weekend, you will have time to make progress on these things while getting feedback from myself and the other participants.

Reason #7: If not now, then when?

I hear so many people say, “I really need to handle my marketing.” And I, often, silently wonder, “When? When are you going to actually set aside time to think about these things? When are you going to actually make it a priority to do work not just in your business but on your business?”

Why not this weekend?

Reason #8: Get asked hard questions.

If you think that this weekend will just be about you asking me hard questions, you’d be very wrong.

Most of this weekend will be myself and others putting some very simple but incredibly hard questions to you. These are questions you would likely just as soon avoid if you could. These are questions that many entrepreneurs never take the time to really answer. 

These are deceptively simple questions like, “What do you do?”, “How do you do it?”, “Why do you do it this way?”, and “For whom do you do it?” The questions are simple but most entrepreneurs do not have solid answers to them.

But every hour you spend wrestling with these questions saves you a hundred hours in your marketing. And that’s not hype. That’s the reality of business. Most businesses fail within five years because these questions were never answered well to begin with.

Reason #10: Group Follow-Up Call

I will schedule a 90-minute follow up call for August (we’ll find the time and date that works best for those who attend) to answer any lingering questions that remain.

Schedule & Location Details:

LOCATION: Lila Music Center in Duncan, BC. The retreat will take place in the yurt beside Tad’s house, address and local contact info will be provided to people who register for the retreat.

MEALS:  At the workshop lunch breaks you’ll need to make your own food arrangements. You can bring your own food and eat on location, or there are some great little places to eat within a short drive of the workshop location to choose from. We will be a twenty-minute walk from downtown.

LODGING: Here are some suggestions for out-of-towners if you’re looking for a place to stay that’s convenient to Tad’s home. We’re not endorsing any of these, please do your own research and find the best fit for you, but they’re certainly a handful of places to start.

  • Airbnb: probably your best option. Look for something near Tad’s address (Lila Music Centre, above).
  • OUR EcoVillage: one of Canada’s leading eco-villages is a 30-minute drive away. 
  • Camping: We can accommodate a few folks camping on the land here. It’s $20/night to tent, there is a compost toilet and an outdoor shower. Please note that there’s no electricity on site, though you’re welcome to charge your devices at Tad’s house.

FLYING INTO NANAIMO: This is the closest/fastest airport option if you can make it work! You can rent a car from the airport and drive straight up to Duncan from Nanaimo. Or you can take the Nanaimo Airporter.

FLYING INTO VICTORIA: You can rent a car from the airport and drive straight up to Duncan from Victoria.

FLYING INTO VANCOUVER: You can rent a car at the airport, then drive to catch the ferry from Tsawwassen to Nanaimo, and then drive down to Duncan. 

FERRY: For help finding a ferry (to either Swartz Bay or Nanaimo) go to the BC Ferries website.

CAR SERVICE: There’s no Uber in Duncan but there are a few, local taxi services. You can rent a car in Victoria or Vancouver from all of the usual rental companies, most of which operate from the airports.

LOCAL TRANSIT: Cowichan Valley Regional Transit Services

PARKING: You can park at the venue but we encourage carpooling or walking (and finding a place nearby to stay).

Some Important Words on The Price:

I prefer to be paid in cash in one lump sum if you’re able.

There are three ways you can pay:

1. Pay-what-you-can: 

This is how I invite you to pay. You send in a $100 USD deposit to confirm your spot. This is refundable up until two weeks before the week

After that, it is not. 

Then, at the end of the weekend, in the last 15 minutes as we finish and settle up, you can pay whatever you want to pay on top of that, whatever you are able. Whatever you pay is perfect. There’s no minimum. There’s no maximum. Truly. If the $100 USD deposit is too much, email us at and we can work something out. 

You are welcome to pay me in four instalments spread out over a year. These PWYC payments can be for any amounts on any dates within one year. 

I’ve opted for this approach for my weekend workshops because, in my experience, entrepreneurs are cash-flow poor and it’s easier to spread payments out rather than people feeling terrible that they can’t pay much all in one moment.

If possible, I ask that the first payment be in cash if you’re able. If you’d like to spread out your payments this can be done with cheque, PayPal, eTransfer (for Canadians) or WISE. 

2. Pay in Full at Market Value: 

I offer this only because pay-what-you-can makes some people deeply uneasy and who would rather just have it all settled before it gets started. If that’s the case, you can pay the market value of $1500 USD upfront. 

This is refundable (less a $100 USD deposit) up to seven (7) days before the retreat. After that, a $500 USD cancellation fee will be charged or held back.

3. Payment Plan for Market Value: 

Again, I’d rather you do pay-what-you-can but, if that feels uncomfortable to you, another option is to make four payments of $375 USD over a schedule of your choice within one year. This is refundable (less a $100 USD deposit) up to seven (7) days before the retreat. After that, the first payment of $375 USD will be charged or held back.

To be very clear: you are not expected to pay anywhere close to $1500 USD. 

It’s a legitimate PWYC deal. I want this to be accessible and sustainable for you.

To Recap:

30 people maximum. PWYC pricing. A gorgeous setting. Practical, actual work getting done. 

That’s all for now. 

Please feel free to email us if you have any questions at

Stay human,


Taj O'Brien

"I feel supported to dream into my true heart’s calling"

“Honestly, it has been a struggle finding a model of practical entrepreneurship where the ethical responsibilities of being a good human are not compromised. Of course there are plenty of positive spaces where well-intending people offer solid marketing and sales tools, but I rarely do not walk away from them with a stressful level of criticism toward examples of their efforts usurped by colonial-materialist means of operating. With Tad, I experienced a real turnaround where deep-rooted safety and strength are the basis for intelligible business strategy. His purposeful alignment, experiential mastery, and community resonance are all palpable and profoundly formative toward a better way of being on Earth. Since participating in the Marketing for Hippies workshop, I feel supported to dream into my true heart’s calling, because the model allows me to see what is already working well in my business, along with the clarity and courage to grow into the places I can serve my people better. It’s a magical feeling.”

Taj, EmbodyWork Coach,

Sean Shea (1)

"...catalyzed a much-needed quantum shift in my whole perspective on my business model."

“I emerged from the Marketing for Hippies Retreat with Tad Hargrave like a butterfly from its chrysalis. The skillfully designed experience catalyzed a much-needed quantum shift in my whole perspective on my business model.

Throughout the 4-day immersion, Tad masterfully blended wisdom with a warm and supportive community, guiding us through deep-dive exercises that connected ninja marketing strategies to our real-life experiences.

One exercise, in particular, helped me realize that the structure I had been resisting the most was exactly what I needed to embrace to unify not only my business model but also the roadmap of my songwriting course.

The retreat’s blend of Tad’s high-altitude vision, compassionate soulful values, and field-tested business savvy provided refreshing clarity and renewed inspiration for my path forward. I didn’t fully grasp the profound transformation until the last day, when I found myself integrating new strategies into a concrete action plan with confidence and clarity.

Tad’s light-hearted humor and playful approach made the whole event not only educational but also incredibly fun. If you’re a purpose-driven entrepreneur seeking to align your business with your heart and make a meaningful impact, the Marketing for Hippies Retreat is an experience that will catalyze your growth and leave you with lasting inspiration.”

Sean Shea, Soul-Centered Singer-Songwriter Coach,

rose slam! (1)

"I fell in love with my fellow hippie, myself, and grounded my business in love and possibility."

“I had the best time at Tad’s retreat. I unfurled meaningful and relevant content and business structures that will lead to more clients and meaningful connections. I developed and deepened my marketing principles (POV) and strategies (biz Model). I laughed so hard, with new and dear friends. I fell in love with my fellow hippie, myself, and grounded my business in love and possibility.”

rose slam! Johnson, nimble roots coaching

Joannie C.

"...we shared genuine curiosity for each other’s projects while having a ridiculous amount of fun..."

“I couldn’t recommend this retreat more to anyone looking to deepen the WHY and the HOW of running a biz efficiently and with integrity. I was able to clarify my ideas and made beautiful connections with like-minded people -some of who I will most definitely continue to network with! Our group was brilliant, and we shared genuine curiosity for each other’s projects while having a ridiculous amount of fun —La crème de la crème of what you can imagine a business and marketing retreat to feel like.”

Joannie C.

Nicole Moen (1)

"For me, as a poet, the word ‘extraordinary’ it has to earn its use. It did..."

“It has been my good fortune to work with Tad and Marketing for Hippies for over 12 years now. It’s an association that has helped me navigate a wide variety of business troubles and joys.

This year I’m developing a fresh business. I think it’s my best work: one-to-one ancestral healing, accompanying workshops to write acknowledgements of the land you inhabit and your own roots… and the writing that can accompany it. It’s a culmination of several decades of digging deep.

I hope it’s work that will both take care of me for the remainder of my days, and offer a measure of solace, clarity and ease to clients with whom I work. In other words, this work means a lot to me. I think it’s needed in the world. And, I have needed help to build this. As part of getting that help, I spent the time, money and energy to attend the Marketing for Hippies July 2023 In-Person Retreat in Duncan, BC, Canada.

In a word, it was extraordinary.

For me, as a poet, the word ‘extraordinary’ is has to earn its use. It did.

The quality of the program, the depth of the people, and the skillsets of assistance and care in the room lifted this Retreat into something mysterious and beautiful that none of us anticipated or imagined. And it was practically helpful! I have a lot more clarity on my niche, a clear business model to start with, a more solid understanding my point of view and how it fits into my website and marketing and I have a good sequence of tasks to move forward.

I left with 20 new friends and a healthy ecology of business people whose work aligns with mine. If you have an opportunity and the desire to attend a retreat with Tad in the future… honestly? Just go.”

Nicole Moen, Gathering Roots: Ancestral Writing Journeys to Reclaim Your Past and Heal Our Future (coming Fall 2023), 

Shirley Seto

"...the sense of direction and content that was generously offered to help me get started..."

THANK YOU Tad for the amazing learning experience at the 4 day retreat in Duncan, BC. As someone that is transitioning from Real Estate Advisor to starting my own business, I very much value the sense of direction and content that was generously offered to help me get started. You are a wonderful teacher Tad. Your ability to meet the needs of all the participants and to create community for us to support one another goes beyond all the marketing direction that I am walking away with. Looking forward to more “marketing for hippies “ as I grow my business! The retreat was just scratching the surface!!

Shirley Seto,

Scott Montgomery (1)

"I left this intimate, in-depth, and laughter-filled retreat feeling more inspired, clear, confident, and connected than ever"

“Attending Tad’s four day Marketing for Hippies retreat was one of the best decisions that I’ve made in a very long time. As is the case for so many of us during the last several years, most of the marketing and business-related events, trainings, and memberships (including Marketing for Hippies) that I’ve joined have taken place completely online. I now recognize how powerful Tad’s in-person retreats and events can be. I left this intimate, in-depth, and laughter-filled retreat feeling more inspired, clear, confident, and connected than ever before.”

Scott Montgomery,

PJ Harris

"I’m so excited to implement all of my ideas I can barely sleep at night"

“As a result of this retreat, my business has now moving from mono tone to multi track, from black-and-white to Technicolor. I am eternally grateful to Tad, and all of the retreat attendees that help me with the multiple a-ha‘s and creative inspiration. 

I’m so excited to implement all of my ideas I can barely sleep at night.

Be ready to participate full out, for you will get what you put in to it tenfold.”

PJ Harris,

Jason Schneider (2)

"I walk away feeling nourished in a way I haven’t been in a long time."

When I decided to register for the MfH retreat I didn’t know exactly what to expect but the experience delivered exactly what I needed and more.

When I arrived at the location of the retreat I was immediately comforted by the beautiful nature and wildlife. The yurt had such a great energy and I couldn’t imagine a better space for this retreat.

On the first day Tad broke us into smaller ‘home groups’ and these pods provided a great opportunity to connect with some of the other participants more deeply as well as to get support from various points of view.  

Before arriving I had only met two of the participants previously in a virtual format so it was great to finally have the opportunity to connect with them in person.  After those 3.5 days I can honestly say I got to know each person (some more than others) and I’d feel completely comfortable reaching out to any of the attendees (or being contacted by them) in the future to give or receive support.

The quality of the group was phenomenal and even though we were at different stages of our business each person was able to contribute to the experience in whatever way we could.  

The ‘relaxed’ immersion format allowed me to sharpen my thinking around my niche, my POV, my business model and potential hubs in a way that was fun, relaxed, interactive, and social and the PWYC structure made it an easy ‘yes’.  

I learned so much more than just marketing from Tad and the other participants over this long weekend and I walk away feeling nourished in a way I haven’t been in a long time. I hope to be back at another one of these events in the near future and I’d wholeheartedly recommend this event for anyone who thinks it might be a good fit.

Jason Schneider

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