Marketing for Hippies Rereat:
Meet The Other Amazing Attendees

We’re so glad you’ve decided to attend the retreat this July. It truly is a great bunch of people, so great, that’d we thought it’d be swell for you all to get to know just how wonderful you all are before the retreat.

This is who you’ll be retreating with:

Dianna Graves from British Columbia, Canada

I am learning how to market myself in a way that feels right, good, and on-point. My spiritual role is creating deep-dive opportunities for women who consistently wonder: Why can’t I find my space & place to thrive like other people seem to? What’s wrong with me? They have tried all the spiritual 'things' to find the happiness and joy they know is their birthright, but nothing is long-lasting or consistently works. I help them see their wounds, transform self-limiting beliefs and sabotaging behaviours so they stop searching outside, find peace inside, and finally know where they belong.
Jason Schneider from Florida, USA

Jason Schneider is an internationally recognized NLP Trainer with 10+ years experience, the current president of the Institute of Neuro-Semantics USA and is passionate about facilitating change, actualizing his highest potentials, & empowering others to do the same.

Over the past decade he has facilitated transformational training & coaching programs internationally from Canada, Mexico, Mauritius, Finland, Norway, Indonesia, Australia, Brazil and across the United States.

His coaching & training programs are highly experiential and focused on getting lasting results by focusing on shifting the mindsets and psychology that drive performance.

Topics include coaching skills covering areas such as leadership, state management, outcome setting, group and team dynamics, building high performance teams, influence, negotiation, problem solving, modeling excellence, creativity and innovation, personality profiling, productivity, peak performance, and much more.

He has worked with executives, coaches, managers, sales professionals, law enforcement agents, religious leaders, politicians, professional athletes, mediators, and a wide range of professionals across various industries to become more effective communicators, leaders, and to unleash their innate potential and to facilitate others to do the same.

Rose Slam! from California, USA

I launched my coaching business in the summer of 2020 and have been working with queer business owners/leaders/entrepreneurs ever since. In 2009 I launched a food business and founded a weekend summer camp for adults called Queer Camp. After 7 years with both projects I closed them out and started working for other people in order to gain skills at a larger level (bookkeeping, commercial production, social enterprise). It was helpful for a few years and, needless to say, I am glad to be back to working for myself and my clients.
Mark Cassle from California, USA

I'm a men's coach that helps a man move from their unresolved grief to a life of their satisfaction, not someone else's satisfaction.
With age, I turned into an Elder. The process was long and arduous, which of course, is everybody's life; however, these gifts of the journey given to me, I want to return to other men along their way. How can I help thee? They will, not mine, be done.
Nala Walla from Washington, USA

As a professional wailer and “cultural acupuncturist,” I find tiny pin-points which affect the greatest change--dancing with ritual grief, ancestors & soil. I’m ready to streamline my business so that I am well-supported to give the gifts that were entrusted to me in this brief life. I arrive in joy by bringing grief-and-beauty-soaked futures into being, parallel worlds where deep relating with our ancestors is normalized, worlds worthy of our gleaming children.

Natt Forrest from British Columbia, Canada

I love yummy food, connecting with Nature, and having great conversations; those are the things that feed my soul. I completed my Ph.D. in Applied EcoPsychology in 2017 but have been weaving together my love of Yoga and Nature Connect for over 20 years with EcoYogaTherapy(TM).
Angie Evans from Saskatchewan, Canada

Canadian. Love the outdoors, fur-babies, playing my banjos & ukes. My work focuses on making pregnancy, birth and early postpartum more respectful and empowering for pregnant people and their partners. I teach prenatal classes, attend births as a doula, and train other birth professionals - mostly birth & postpartum doulas. I do a lot of geeky research and turn it into easily understood information as I'm bilingual: speaking medical science and everyday language.
Nichole Moen from British Columbia, Canada

Nicole Moen is an award-winning poet, healer, quiet activist and the force behind Gathering Roots: Ancestral Journeys to Heal Your Past and Reclaim Your Future (launching Fall 2023). Through project management and event production, she helped forward the fields of integrative medicine, regenerative urban development, permaculture, pilgrimage, kids in nature, new economics and indigenous language reawakening. As a healer she re-enlivens the healing ways of her North European ancestry, particularly Celtic and Norse. As a poet, Nicole is the winner of Island Writer Magazine’s 2022 poetry contest and was Long Listed for the 2023 Magpie Award for Poetry. She’s published in The Purposeful Mayonnaise and anthology Worth More Standing, and her creative non-fiction appeared in Focus on Women and Island Parent. She’s working on several books including human being water, Madroots and Gathering Roots. She plans to start a small press to, in part, publish clients’ writing about their ancestries. Coming soon is her Substack blog: On Roots, Poetry and Peregrination. Nicole’s a synthesist who weaves together teachings and responsibilities offered by elders and guides across cultures and perspectives—all grounded in her own culture and ancestry. Nicole lives on lək̓ʷəŋən Homelands (Victoria, BC).


Bill Hershey from Oregon, USA

I lived in the forest on a mountain at a meditation retreat center for 15 years. Now I live in the wooded river valley down the road. Having spent 15 years in non-profit finances, and being fascinated by the mind-body-spirit connection, I now seek ways to integrate the worlds of money and spirit. I discovered Tad through Bari Tessler's "Art of Money" program, and have been fortunate to discover many other amazing professionals who are helping to redefine the role of business in society. My studies of Ayurveda and Somatic Therapy inform my journey of exploring what's possible.
Sean Shea from Oregon, USA

I’m a heart-centered singer-songwriter coach.

Rewinding my hippie history: as a 10-year-old with shoulder-length hair during the Vietnam War, I stood in silent vigils with fellow Quakers. I lived at a meditation retreat center for almost a third of my life.

I grew up with Pete Seeger, the Beatles and Joni in my ears, later falling in love with Indian Classical music and traditional African drumming. I’m also a big fan of Rumi’s poetry, and plan to release my first album of original songs, “Rumi’s Hidden Music,” next year.

I’ve been teaching music for 40 years – guitar, voice, ukulele, harmonium, tabla, and songwriting lessons, as well as public elementary school. My intention is to build my private coaching clientele and launch an online songwriting course, “Soul-Centered Songwriting,” with hopes that before too long these will pay all the bills and provide surplus to fund charity endeavors.

I love to use stories in my teaching, and I’m working on a book of practical songwriting principles and tips woven together with parables and a sprinkling of timeless spiritual wisdom from various world traditions, entitled “The Search for the Source of Songs,” as a companion to my course.

Chris Faroe from New Jersey, USA
I'm a musician, traveler, and Career and Life Designer, and I run the Creative Mapping Project. I saw so much frustration in the independent music community-- hardworking folks, great at what they do, but unable to make a living. So took what I'd learned from Permaculture and applied it to creative careers. Fast forward to today, I have a broad suite of retrofitted regenerative design tools that I've used to help creatives, instagram influencers, holistic practitioners (to name a few), find clarity and balance in their lives, creative practices, and career ecosystems.

Scott Montgomery from Montana, USA

I am a self-empowerment guide who helps visionaries to find themselves by getting lost.

PJ Harris from Washington, USA

I am a Social Media Consultant, Marketer, and Manager. I have spent most of my life as a holistic healer. In the last 10 years, I have been working with social media for small businesses. I offer packages and standalone services of social media consulting and management with a focus on Facebook marketing and have been in business for almost 5 years. My niche are those that are doing good in the world… Healers, Non-profits, Educators, Coaches, Artists, Activists, Spiritual Teachers... This way I can have a further reaching positive ripple effect in many areas of much needed change and healing.
Shirley Seto from British Columbia, Canada

Peter Himmelreich from Tennessee, USA

Real Men go to therapy 🙂
Joanna Tambakis from British Columbia, Canada
Joannie Cascaro from British Columbia, Canada
Taj O'Brien from Oregon, USA
Matt Primeau, British Columbia, Canada
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