hippie restaurant with a kick ass newsletter

A client of mine (Alison Pope, President of Maverick Services: Office Administration & Special Projects
Facilitating the Success of the Holistic Health Community) recently sent me an email newsletter she loved from the Camros Eatery in Toronto. Hopefully you can see it by clicking on this link here but if not – you can go to their website here: http://www.camroseatery.com/

While overall I’m not sure if the layout is the best example I’ve seen, I happen to be acquainted with the founder, and have seriously enjoyed eating their food, and my experience has been that

1) FREQUENCY: they normally only send out an enewsletter when they have some worthwhile newsy stuff to share, rather than monthly content regardless, so I tend to read it.

2) START WITH THE WHY: He starts right off with two sentences that are based on a belief, philosophy, that I agree with and have been trying to get more of myself in alignment with more consistently, then he goes on to indicate how this value is part of their business.

3) WELL CHUNKED: From there the content on the left and right seems to flow well, that I follow at least the headlines of each.

4) VALUABLE CONTENT: And it all seems so balanced, and relevant, and a good coverage. Something about Green Enterprise Ontario, a featured video, a recommended book, a valuable new service (Camros delivers, wow – wish I lived closer to there! :), a recent Cdn Organic Growers event they partnered with (very cool, somehow I’d missed that), a nutritionists corner. I like the solid balanced coverage, and it all seems related to what they do, and how we have values / interests in common, and they seem active, connected in the community, with their GEO membership & COG partnered event. And reminded me of the upcoming annual COG Toronto event, which I’d forgotten about.


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