Reflections on Niching

I just had a little chat on facebook with a client about the difficulties of niching and finding ones target markets. I thought the rest of you might find it useful.

CLIENT:  i need to have a serious think about my specialization.. i haev no friggin idea.

TAD: re: specialization. think of it like this . . .(lemme tell you how to think . . .)


TAD: ultimately your niche is something that weaves together so many strands of your life. it comes in a moment of ‘oh! right! this makes sense!’ there’s a rightness about our place in the world. and . . . that comes when it does. there just doesn’t seem to be much rushing it. but! in the meantime we can be experimenting, puttering, tinkering and exercising our curiousity, trying things out instead of stressing about your niche at all – i would encourage you to experiment with as many as feel right and just keep following that thread. start with whatever makes the most sense and feels the most right to you now and keep paying attention. i think niching is maybe more of an ongoing process than a destination.

CLIENT: hmm yeah… but isnt it hard to start seeking out hubs when you dont know your niche?

TAD: i’m not saying don’t pick some niches. i would still figure out your top three. but your top three for the moment. i notice a lot of people get stressed because they haven’t figured out their ‘Niche’. Capital N. Singular. What I’m saying is that i’d pick three to start with – figure out your hubs etc. and then reevaluate often and as you go and things clarify and settle you won’t need to reevaluate so often you’ll find a groove

clarity around this thing can’t be faked

or imposed

i wish it could be sometimes

CLIENT: ha yeah no kidding…. ok..well thanks.. i think :):) ill just keep plugging away with ideas i have and see what happens

TAD: it’s taken me ten years to figure out the name ‘marketing for hippies’ and the niche of Holistic Practitioners it just takes time. with reflections of other people and focus and good guidance that can be cut down a lot i think – much of the past decade was part time and sort of distracted focus on my business. but it still takes time.


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