Relevance, Credibility & Value

10682392_sI am struck by how many things I learned from the good Dominic Canterbury.

He and I co-led a marketing workshop in Seattle many years ago – maybe 2007 or 2008.

The notions of niching, hubs, and paths came from him. As do the three notions in this blog post: Relevance, Credibility and Value.

Your business and offerings, in order to be successful, must be relevant, credible and valuable.

Those three things.

Every time.

By Relevant, I mean: is this of use to me and my situation? Will it solve my problem? Will it help me get something I want?

By Credible, I mean: can I trust this? Does this approach and offering make sense to me? Is this overhyped? Is this all sizzle and no steak? Is it all hat and no cattle? Is it believable?

By Valuable, I mean: is this worth the time and money I spend? What’s the return on investment? Is it worth what I’m paying or more than I’m paying? Will I be glad I spent the money?

Relevance, Credibility and Value.

Those three things.

Every time.

Relevance is established by your niche.

Credibility is established by your point of view.

Value is established by your offers.

If your business is struggling in its marketing it is because of the lack of one or more of these three things.

Every time.

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  • Brian Parsons

    First, yes, three cool questions to ask and help focus your marketing effort… but I have a question for you, wise Tadster… we like to think of ourselves as rational beings, who make educated choices… but much of our decision making process is buried under-ground, in the depths of our unconscious mind… so Relevance, Credibility & Value may be spun out of a web of conscious and unconscious processes / reflections… all working towards a final Buy / Not Buy decision. If that is the case… when using this, and asking the question of whether your offer has Relevance, Credibility & Value… do you need to find an exact fit for your Customer (which may be impossible… because the Customer may not themselves know what motivates them)… or is it enough to provide answers for the person to come to their own conclusion, and is as best a fit as you can get. Hope that makes sense…