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You can read all about it and register HERE. Toronto. September 15th-18th, 2016.

Tad Hargrave – Your host and facilitator:

TadHargrave2015_sqTad is a hippy who developed a knack for marketing (and then learned how to be a hippy again.) For almost a decade, he has been touring his marketing workshops around Canada, bringing refreshing and unorthodox ideas to conscious entrepreneurs and green businesses that help them grow their organizations and businesses (without selling their souls). 

He does improv comedy semi-professionally, co-runs Edmonton’s progressive community building network TheLocalGood.ca, founded treetcarshows.com, indigodrinks.ca, socialyogiyeg.com, and the Jams program of yesworld.org. He speaks Scottish Gaelic and helps to run novascotiagaelsjam.com and is also a huge Doctor Who nerd. 

Tad currently lives in Edmonton, Alberta (traditionally known, in the local indigenous language of the Cree, as Amiskwaciy (Beaver Hill) and later Amiskwaciwaskihegan (Beaver Hill House) and his ancestors come primarily from Scotland with some from the Ukraine as well. He is drawn to conversations around politics, history, ancestry, healing and how those all intersect.

You can learn more about Tad and his work at marketingforhippies.com and nichingspiral.com


Anne (Annalene) Hart

Anne is an intuitive creativity and self-mastery coach for over 20 years. As a trained artist she also uses creative self-expression techniques as a vehicle to guide clients to greater self-awareness and self-actualization of their true gifts, dreams and visions. She’s worked with non-profits and women’s centres developing and presenting workshops and day long retreats as well as one-on-one coaching sessions with individuals. Anne has also created photography and creativity programs for teens, which also incorporates writing a collaborative play and making back-drops and props and performing it for an audience. She is also a visionary artist who creates soul paintings. She loves to inspire and support her clients in realizing their dreams. She also conducts individualized Magical Child sessions to help activate the participant’s innate creativity and imagination.

Interwebs: www.mydivineenchantedlife.wordpress.com


Friedland_pictureNinat Friedland

Ninat is a registered psychotherapist, art therapist, and community facilitator. She is faculty at the Toronto Art Therapy Institute (TATI), where she teaches courses in research and assessment in art therapy. She has worked in the arts for over 15 years, teaching art and facilitating groups. She is a firm believer in the power of art for wellness. Ninat’s passion is ceramics and sculpture. Great things happen when we learn to let go and get our hands a little dirty! Ninat had a baby 18 months ago, and is now ready to jump back into the workforce! She would like to open up an art studio/private practice in art therapy, but is really only just beginning and knows very little about business so she would love to learn more at the business intensive.



Lea-Ann-Mallett-Photo-CroppedLee Ann Mallett

Lee Ann Mallett is a wild woman, activist, and transformational coach who believes that each of us can create the life we want at any age. Her greatest desire is to make the world a better place by demonstrating to everyone that our everyday choices, big and small, DO change the world! In her activism she has travelled from direct action wilderness activist to nonprofit leader, from sitting in an ancient cedar for three days to protest clear-cut logging to leading forest protests to creative thriving nonprofits. She now collaborates with inspired women and men to step into life transitions and their business with ease and confidence and she works with mission-drive leaders to increase their impact while maintaining their love for their mission. Lee Ann is also creating a new vision for activism as embraces each one of us as world changers and she creates photo-essays of life, love and connection in her blog “Becoming Undeomesticated”.

Interwebs: www.leaannmallett.com


Alysa Golden

Alysa is a hippie at heart. She had her years of following the Grateful Dead, and between you and me, she still hits the road to see the boys at least once per year. She loves to dance, create theatre and help friends, family and clients to live in the present moment. She also loves to parent her 14 year old twins. Alysa is a serial entrepreneur who adores being kept up at night working on creative ideas for scalable businesses. She loves devouring marketing books – and certain blogs from certain hippy-friendly teachers. She has had many careers…theatre artist, counsellor, coach and group facilitator. She is currently working on a cute little book – 101 Life Hacks Inspired by the Dog Park, which will be out on September 25th. Alysa’s passion is to help Artists to live and work in joy and success. She is excited to be able to turn the Artist Success Network from a fragmented series of offerings and really big ideas, into a real life, kick-ass business, with the help of all of you!



bio-picCharles Hackbarth

My name is Charles Hackbarth. I am a Personal Transformation Coach, a Reiki Master, a registered reiki practitioner (with Canadian Reiki Association), a licensed Holistic Practitioner, an expressive arts and guided meditation facilitator. All my life I’ve searched for truth, beauty, mystery and transformation. Like many others, I had a difficult childhood. As a teenager, I began to take charge and transform my life. I studied a number of self-help techniques and gradually learned to break free from my past. Over the years, I have studied Buddhism, meditation, shamanism and Reiki. My path eventually led to Lifespace Institute where I studied Transformational Counselling and Expressive Arts. For more than 30 years I have worked in social services, supporting individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. I have facilitated Expressive Arts classes with people with disabilities, social workers and others who wanted to connect with the deep wellspring of creativity within. I work one-on-one with individuals in Personal Transformation sessions and facilitate guided meditation groups.

Interwebs: www.toolsfortransformation.weeble.com


Margaret Chrisholm

Grew up in Toronto, now living in Port Credit. Have had some great jobs but always wanted to have my own business. I am always learning, not necessarily applying. My future life would be a professional student, travelling the country and sharing my life experiences/knowledge.

Interwebs: http://www.YourAbundantLifeAfter50.com


Daryl Mahabir

Daryl Mahabir is a an artist, director, manager of the Phoenix Project and has been a performing artist, director of theatre programming, psychodramatist, and various other ad hoc roles related to running businesses; he has successfully operated Yes Oh Yes Drama Outreach for 12 years doing Playback Theatre and Theatre of the Oppressed and other forms and an artist/creator for 30+ years. Phoenix Project Playback Theatre – in Playback Theatre participants are invited to tell a story of their own life which is spontaneously re-enacted by our actors/musician as a complete immediate and unscripted piece of drama; after the initial ‘playback’ is complete various other options are presented using the interactive format; deeper issues, ideas, concepts and new solutions envisioned by the teller of that particular story can be dramatized and other tools may be elucidated for further exploration; the business is grass roots and operates as a service centre for the community to utilize Theatre (and/or other arts) specifically as a tool for self betterment that is an experience that is not passive consumption of entertainment. we have a business plan and have been practitioners of this style of art for 20+ years; many more details may be discussed but this is the kernel of various service offerings that can be tailored to individual needs that is free to the end user but supported by other means; we have several innovative ideas to fund but lack the business know how to fully realize the concept that is entirely not a traditional stage production or ‘show’ – this is fully immersive interactive theatre tailored to the individual or for business/private clients to mediate, solve problems, analyze problems or provide feedback from one area to another for larger clients, there are many possibilities for business product/services; the service offerings can be tailored to needs and provide formats that introduce not only interactive art programming that is immediately adaptable to the individual but also provides an introspective look an an individual’s intentions/beliefs and choices and how they might have arrived at their current personal emotional/mental/physical concepts; this exploration that is choice based, and driven by the individuals own words, tends to have overall beneficial effects on the individuals and their performance in a group setting thereafter; the actual ‘playback’ is the kernal of what we do and from there we offer various longer workshops to deepen our understanding of the self, structure or an issue that we might be exploring.



Emily Delea
As owner of the Leslieville Sanctuary, Emily Delea is thrilled to have a space where she can use all of her skills to help others heal through movement. Emily started working in the Health and Wellness industry in 1999 and was voted Toronto’s best fitness trainer in 2001. She still does one on one training but now with the intention of it being movement therapy. In 2004 Emily studied Ashtanga at The Downward Dog Yoga Centre and she later studied Yin yoga with Paul Grilley. Emily now uses her hands on skills as a Fascial Stretch Therapist / Structural Integrator and her knowledge of restorative movement to improve flexibility, reduce pain, and add fluidity to student’s bodies.

Interwebs: http://www.lvsanctuary.com

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