Mentorship Program Case Study #2: Healer, Rachel Warrington – Yarrow Healing Arts, Victoria, BC, Canada

Rachel joined my Mentorship Program a couple of years ago. She is a healer from Victoria who struggled, as many healers do, to find some semblance of a niche.

What they do could, conceivably, help everyone. And so how to choose? It can be very difficult. But, we rolled up our sleeves and got to going hammer and tongs at the work until we emerged with the headline that now graces her homepage (and that so beautifully captures who it is she most wants to work with):

“Have you had a persistent pain or mysterious body symptom for a while and are beginning to wonder if it has emotional roots? (But have no idea how to find out what they might be and how to release/resolve them).”

I’m very proud of having helped Rachel get to this.

It not only captures the immediate symptom (persistent pain or mysterious body symptom) but also their own relationship to it (beginning to wonder if it has emotional roots) and then more deeply their confusion about how to proceed (no idea how to find out what they might be and how to release/resolve them). It captures a moment in many people’s lives that would have them read it and say, “That’s me!” not “That’s nice…”

She also does a mean tarot card reading.

If you’ve found yourself in that moment in your life, perhaps you might drop her a line.

And if you want to read a lucid and compelling home page and some sales letters, check out the links below. 

Rachel’s Homepage

Salesletter For Tarot Readings

Salesletter for Dental and Medical Prep Sessions

Salesletter for Intuitive Healing Sessions on Emotional Roots of Persistent Symptoms


Resources For You Inspired By This Case Study:

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