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Puttering Prep 4 – Write Up Your Ideal Client Page


After doing all of this work, you’ll have made progress and you might still feel stuck. Here are three bonuses (each one worth the price of admission) that can help you refine whatever you have made here. 

BONUS #1: Here’s a secret playlist with all of the niching exercises you’ve already gone through plus a few more. I’ll be adding to this list from time to time so feel free to check back. 

BONUS #2: Here’s another secret playlist of the top ‘sticking points‘ in niching that I see. The places people most commonly make blunders. 

BONUS #2: And above is 70 minutes of footage from my Niching Spiral Workshop that I led years ago which will help you get a more global video on how I see niching.

Now you will take all of the content you’ve come up with already and turn this into an Ideal Client page.

What will it look like? 

Here are Ten Homepage Case Studies Worth Exploring and my recent Are We A Fit? Page for inspiration.

I also urge you to check out Carrie Klassen’s fantastic workbook How To Write Your Homepage.

I also recommend watching the video below to give you a rough sense of the flow of this.

Here’s the process I would most recommend.

Step One: Write rough draft. 

Let it be rough. Let is be shitty. Do it 70%. And then, let sit for week. Don’t look at it. 

Step Two: Print and read it. 

You will see different things if you’re holding it on paper in your hand rather than staring at the screen. Pour yourself a cup of tea, get a pen and edit it like that. Then let it sit for a week.

Step Three: Have friend read it to you. 

You will notice different things than you can catch by reading it. Let it sit for a week.

Step Four: Share it with ideal clients.

Give it one final edit and then share it with people you know who fit the description you’re aiming at and ask then, “Do you see yourself in this? Is it off anywhere? Is anything missing?” Let it sit for a week.

Step Five: Put it on your site.

Polish it as best as you can (knowing that more clarity will come) and put it on your website.

Want more help?

If you’d like my personal help in working through this content, you might want to consider:

1) Booking a Puttering Session (a one on one call with me).

2) Joining my Membership where we have weekly ‘Niching Practice’ calls, plus weekly live calls with myself and a lot more content and support around honing your niche. Members get free access to all of my eBooks, webinars, and get first dibs on Puttering Sessions when I release them.

3) You can find many more free resources at Part Two of the Five Fundamentals page here

Also Recommended: Ideal Client Webinar

In this 2.5 Hour Recording Your Will Learn:


  • My unique definition of niching
  • The Six Elements of Your Niche
  • The difference between the Artist vs. Entrepreneurial ways of niching.
  • The Three Criteria of a Solid Target Market
  • The Five Levels of An Ideal Client
  • The ‘Perfect Moment’ Exercise
  • The Journey – Island A & B
  • The difference between being explicit vs. exclusive.
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