Proposed Law Threatens Natural Health Products in Canada

Are natural products in danger in Canada?

They are, according to an email I recently received:

The so-called Canada Consumer Product Safety Act will be considered by Senators for two sessions starting Wednesday Nov 24th Bill C-36 and its precursors, dating back to 2004, have obviously been lobbied for by the pharmaceutical industry.

Shawn Buckley, a constitutional lawyer and advocate for natural health products, feels C-36 is a Trojan Horse meant to eventually implement illegal state seizures of these products.

This will effectively snuff out small businesses promoting natural health care products. It is ironic that there has never been a death associated with the use of natural health products, whereas every year, many people die from side effects of pharmaceutical drugs.

View the press release here:

To help fight this law, request that Shawn Buckley be invited to address the Senate Committee. (At the moment only Health Canada is addressing the Senate. How corrupt is that?)

A sample letter appears half way down this page:

The most effective way to make your opposition known to the decision makers before before the meeting, is to directly email Senators as listed here: The first block of email addresses are the Conservative Party Senators and the second block are the Liberal Party Senators on the committee.

These can be copied and pasted including the comma separators in the To: field of your email program:,,,,,,,,,,,,

What do you think? Is the threat real? What more information do you have about this?


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