Two Low-Cost Marketing Tactics for Holistic Practitioners


Two-Lost-Cost-Marketing-Tactics-Ebook-3D-JPGA few years ago, I conducted a 60 minute interview with Eric Brown of focused on two simple but powerful tactics he teaches that I wish more service providers knew about. What I have loved about Eric over the years is how incredibly practical and nuts and bolts his business building tactics are.

I asked him if he’d be willing to be interviewed with me because wanted to get into the nuts and bolts of it with him. He agreed and delivered incredibly graciously and the interview was, finally, rendered into this compact, 36 transcript. 

This Could Be For You If:

  • you are a service provider (e.g. a life coach, holistic practitioner, permaculture practitioner etc.) with more time than money.
  • you see your practice as a business not just a hobby
  • you’re willing to invest forward a bit in your business and hustle hard for the next 60 days

In This Ebook, You Will Learn…

  • three of the biggest (but easily correctable) mistakes that Eric sees holistic practitioners making over and over
  • the places most practitioners spend their money that end up being a complete waste
  • a simple tactic you can use to see if a magazine is the right one for you to advertise in
  • the single most important place you can invest your marketing money (and it’s not business cards, brochures or a logo)
  • Eric’s brilliant Team 100 approach to becoming well known by the key players in your field who could be send you a lot of business
  • Eric’s brilliant ’60 Clients in 60 Days’ tactic that is one of the most cost-effective, results producing ways to get new clients I’ve ever seen
  • how Eric and I disagree around asking clients to rebook
  • how you can offer free sessions and yet still make money on them
  • a bold tactic a jewelry store owner used that cost them $90 but made them over $1 million in sales
  • what it means to ‘become a hub’ and why it matters so much to your bottom line.


Price: $10 

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