“Niching 101 for Hippies” ebook A 43 page, E-book on How Niching Can Make You More Money, Get You More Clients and Allow You to Work Less

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Over the years, and after working with thousands of conscious entrepreneurs from around the world, I’ve noticed that most marketing struggles stem from a lack of clarity around who they are trying to reach. Whether they were aware of it or not (and they usually weren’t).

For many entrepreneurs, there’s the desire to reach everyone (e.g. ‘My product/service can help everyone!’) and the fear that niching might actually cause them to lose out on business.

This ebook is the transcript of a content rich two hour webinar I hosted in prep for my six week Niching for Hippies coaching program, complete with all of the slides.

I created it as a basic and affordable guide to help reassure and direct people embarking on their niching journey. I wrote it to help people avoid the biggest pitfalls and blunders and give them four simple steps they could take to make their niching experiments successful.


This ebook might be for you if:

  • you run a conscious, green, holistic or community minded business
  • you’re curious about the idea of picking a niche (you might have been hearing a lot about it in the marketing world) but you’re not totally sold on the idea or . . .
  • you know you need to get a handle on this whole issue of ‘niche’ for your business . . . but you still feel a bit nervous about picking a niche. You know it’s a good idea (intellectually) but it still feels like a risk or . . .
  • you’ve been making some attempts at niching and they haven’t worked out for you and you’re curious why
  • you’ve just started thinking seriously about niching but have never really invested time to learn about it.


This ebook is not for you if:

  • you already get why niching matters and you don’t have any major concerns about it
  • you’re looking for a step by step guide in exactly how to craft your niche (that’s a much bigger conversation).
  • you’ve already got a pretty firm grasp on niching theory (you’re pretty sure you’re not making any of the major blunders).
  • you already have a niche that feels authentic for you and you’re looking for a nuts and bolts ‘what’s next?’


In this ebook, you’re going to learn:

  • six really good reasons to avoid niching (and why they’re not true)
  • the six biggest niching blunders
  • my four simple steps to identifying and honing your niche
  • lots of real life niche examples
  • how even something like yoga (that can help everybody) can be niched a bunch of different ways.


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