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Grow Your Email List with

“The Free Gift” Workbook

In ten hours or less you could have many more of your homepage visitors excitedly joining your email list – by offering them a free, thoughtful and useful gift.

Here’s an all too common situation, perhaps you can relate:

Jane creates her website. Finally! She launches it – but it gets her no business. Not very many people seem to email her from it.

So, then she creates a free email newsletter – but she doesn’t get many subscribers to it. And she doesn’t have the foggiest idea of where to start. Gah! She puts so much work into her newsletter! Is it even worth it? How to get more people signing up without being pushy?

 What Jane doesn’t understand is that . . .

There are two secrets to growing your list.

SECRET #1:  Traffic. The first part is about getting more traffic to your website. This workbook will not help you with that. But it’s important! Most people understand the importance of getting more traffic. But few people really get . . .

SECRET #2: A Good Reason to Opt In. This is just as important – once they’re ON your website – how can you get them to say, “Hey! I like you. Stay in touch with me.” Sure, you can offer them a free newsletter – but let’s be real – do you REALLY want to sign up for another email newsletter yourself? You need a good reason to sign up – and so do your website visitors.

So, here’s a simple (and often overlooked) way: offering them a free gift on your homepage. You might have seen other people doing it on their websites, offering you some free report or video in exchange for your email – and I can tell you that it works. Most weeks I get 50-70 people joining my email list – with absolutely zero effort on my part. And they’re from all around the world.

Offering them a “free gift” that gives them some immediate help on a pressing problem is like an olive branch saying, “I know how many email lists you’re on. But give me a chance to prove myself to you.” It’s offering them a nice hot cup of tea when they visit your house in winter. It’s a little piece of generosity.

If you ran an ice cream shop, the storefront would be your home page and a free pink spoon of ice cream would be your gift.

If you owned a bakery, your sign and the incredible smell wafting out as you walk past would be like the homepage – and the free samples of buns would be the free gift.


“The How to Create Your Free Gift” workbook could be profoundly useful to you if . . .

  • You have your own website for your business
  • You are excited about growing your email list and, ideally, are using an online service like or etc . . .
  • You have a crystal clear idea of who you are trying to reach, the problems they’re struggling with that you can help them solve and the results you’re excited to help them produce (and you can genuinely help them with those things). You’re not trying to reach and please everyone. You have (or are committed to) some level of specialization.
  • You are willing to make a one time investment of at least 5–10 hours to create something really extraordinary.
  • You have know a tech nerd in your life (or can get one or you are one) who can help you with things like: creating ebooks, online quizzes, video, audio or email autoresponders.

NOTE: If all of these five things are not true for you – do not buy this workbook.


It might also be a fit if . . .

  • You have a newsletter sign up box – but not many people are taking you up on it.
  • You have the capacity to update your own website (or are in the process of setting one up). It could also work if you’ve got a reliable web person who does it for you.
  • You think your home page is already pretty swell. It immediately let’s people know if they’re in the right place by naming who the site is for, the problems you will help them solve and the results you’ll offer.
  • You have access to a web or graphic designer who can make you a fancy image of your gift.
  • You like the idea of being generous with people you’ve never met.
  • You’ve got so much to say! You feel like you have so many ideas and insights to share.
  • People are visiting your website but you never seem to hear from them. They come and go leaving not a whisper of a trace behind them. Lots of traffic but little business.


In “The Free Gift” workbook you’re going to:

  • read about the six most vital criteria of a good homepage gift
  • learn the often overlooked peril of offering your clients a “Free Email Newsletter”
  • explore the five main format options of your free gift
  • learn the two main kinds of content for your gift
  • enjoy eleven bonus tips to make your free gift super clear, compelling and honest
  • have fun fiddling with eight good “Gift Name” starters for you
  • be super clarified and inspired by twenty one real life examples of great homepage gifts
  • and more things too!


Here’s why I think it’s worth at least $40 . . . If you take 5-10 hours and create a free gift that’s perfect for your people and offer it on your homepage – you will absolutely build your list many times faster than you were before – without increasing the traffic to your website (which is also a good idea).

If even ONE of those people ever becomes a client of yours – you’ve already paid for the workbook. Plus, if you were to try to do this on your own it might take twice as long and what you came up with in the end might not be a fraction as effective.

I hope you enjoy using it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Price: $40