If you’d like to work one on one with me, here’s the deal . . .

I am often on the road and not easy to reach. And I’m in the middle of rethinking my packages and pricing.

You may also find some great resources here.

So, in the meantime there are a handfull of options . . .

OPTION ONE: Work with one of my colleagues.

If you’re looking for heartful marketing advice: Check out my friends at Heart of Business. They’re brilliant and are offering a kick ass coaching package.

OPTION TWO: Hire me!

Before you consider hiring me, you might want to read some reviews of my work you should probably know the following . . .

  • I am appallingly difficult to book appointments with. Sometimes it takes me two weeks to even reply to an email. If you’re in a rush, I’m not your guy. I am so involved in my local community doing things and making time for friends and working on projects that I regularly have 100 emails in my inbox needing my personal attention. I do my best but, truly, it can take a while to schedule things with me. If you don’t mind waiting for responses and aren’t in a huge rush then I might be able to help.
  • If you’re in financial crisis then I suggest you consider my Meantime 30 Day Challenge which I run a few times per year. And, the chances are, what got you into crisis is not a lack of marketing know how. It’s often something that a life coach could better help with. Most of my one on one work is based in a Slow Marketing approach that doesn’t mesh well with panic and I prefer that those in a crisis go through my Meantime program to help them get back on their feet before they work with me one on one.
  • If you feel like your business and lifestyle are colliding: drop an email to Alex Baisley. When people email me saying, “I have so many talents, passions, quirks and interests and I’m not sure what to do with them to make money?” I send them to Alex. Helping people figure out what they want to do is not my strength or my passion. I’m not very into that. Alex is. I’m good at helping people figure out how to market their passions once they’ve figured out a basic something. Alex can help you do that.
  • If you’re struggling with your niche: you’ve got something good and know you need to sort out who you’re offering it to, before calling me, check out my Niching Spiral suite of programs. I don’t really help folks one on one with figuring out their niche because it’s a long and in depth process and most of it people can do without me.
  • I don’t do your marketing for you. This is important. I am not a marketing firm. I don’t do people’s ads. I don’t run people’s social media for them. I don’t implement ideas. I am a teacher and coach who will help you learn how to get more of the kinds of clients you’re looking for in a way that feels good.
  • I don’t tend to Skype. I like to work over the phone vs. on video. If I’m on Skype, I’m doing more sitting at my laptop which I’d like to do less of. I prefer to work on my phone via headset so I can get up, move and putter. I find that I do a better job of working with people if my hands are engaged in something like doing dishes, sweeping my floor or making my bed. One of my strange quirks. Being able to move my body as we talk and return to the laptop when needed has me feel much more excited about doing a call.

OPTION THREE: Try The Hot Seat Sessions.

You can read up on just what the Hot Seat Sessions are right here.

OPTION FOUR: The Mentorship Program.

This is a 6-month program with intake in January/February and July/August for the March and September start dates. You can stay in as long as you like, and each time you make a 6-month commitment to the program. The sales letter is HERE. It’s a very detailed description of the program and I encourage you to read it to get a clear picture of this option.

OPTION FIVE: The Google Doc Sessions.

Here’s the idea: You put your work (e.g. either your niche work or point of view work) in a google doc and invite me to it.

I’ll spend one hour reviewing it and put in comments and suggestions for you to take it to the next level. It’s like participating in a living workbook.

There’s no phone call here. I will just work on what you’ve written and let you know when I’m done. The turn-around time will be seven days from receipt of your order and access to your Google Doc file.

Check out this option HERE.

OPTION SIX: Niche Review.

Send me your niche and get an audio message from me with the most helpful feedback I can muster.

Step One: You submit your niche for review in a maximum of 280 characters (at the cost of $40 usd).

Step Two: Within 3-4 business days, you’ll get an audio file from me in your inbox where I share every thought that occurs to me on what’s strong about your niche, where it’s weak, and next steps you can take. The audio’s have averaged around 4 minutes each so far.

Check out this option HERE.

Work with me one-on-one, there are FOUR options . . .

Option One: Book me hourly. I charge $300 USD per hour. This may seem like a lot – but my guess  is that it will help you get dozens of new paying clients over the next year. Clients who may stick around and spend money with you for years – and some of them will tell friends. I think you’ll make far more than $300USD applying what you get from this session. A lot of folks tell me it’s well worth it.

Option Two: Book a half day. We’ll spend four hours working on your marketing together whether live or over Skype together in a concentrated way. This is $1000 USD (you save $200 USD).

Option Three: Book a full day.  We’ll spend six hours working on your marketing together whether live or over Skype together in a concentrated way. This is $1400USD (you save $400USD).

Option Four: Book a Puttering Session.  We’ll spend one, one-on-one hour over the phone, working on your whatever marketing questions you have that are really pressing. This is a unique format, unlike anything I’ve ever offered before. The initial sessions have gone really well for both the client and myself. Read more HERE. A Puttering Session is just $100USD for a hour of my one-on-one time (usually I charge $300 USD per hour.) Please note this will not be the best option for everyone, read the sales page and see what you think.

If one of those options suits you then there are three steps to making it happen:

Step One: If you haven’t been to my workshop in 2014 or more recently, I will ask that you watch the video of my latest workshop at which you can buy here. After watching this you should have a very clear sense of whether or not my approach is right for you. I ask you to do this before contacting me to respect both of our time.

Step Two: Before we chat I’d love for you to come up with your top three questions that, if answered well, would have you feel wonderful about your money spent.

Step Three: Drop me a line and we’ll figure out when and how to connect.

You’ll leave your coaching session with…

  • a tonne of actionable ideas that are affordable and effective and that don’t feel gross. Ideas you’re excited about.
  • an emailed summary of our call including links to important resources and maybe even some free bonus gifts that I normally sell or only give out at my weekend workshops or on my site.
  • connections to real people, projects and resources that can help you out gathered from twenty years of working in the fields of personal growth, conscious marketing and social change.

If that’s too much for you…

This website is packed with a tonne of free stuff, some quite affordable products – and most of my events are run on a pay what you can basis to make sure they’re accessible to anyone.

What’s it like to work with me?

A fair question. You can check out some samples of my coaching on a blog guest post I did (scroll down to the comments), in my case studies and also these blog posts.

“Tad brought me a completely fresh approach.”
Tad is the authentic face of marketing wisdom. Working with him was such a gift. I was blown away by how deeply he listened and how quickly he grasped what I am really about. He just got it and was able to reflect back to me with such insightful clarity about the people I’m serving and the stages of the journey I help them to navigate. As a result I had a huge breakthrough in confidence about what I had been struggling to communicate clearly on my own. I’d been really stuck with trying to narrow my ‘niche’ right down but TAD brought a completely fresh approach to the process that freed up my thinking and helped me to relax into articulating what felt truly authentic for me, without missing the mark. Tad’s ethical example in his own business is beautiful too. Whenever my own ‘marketing gremlins’ show up, I always ask myself ‘how would Tad do this?’. And mostly what I find is the self-authority to do what feels absolutely right for me and the tribe I’m serving! Thank you so much Tad for your thoughtful leadership in the tricky world of online marketing and standing for what matters.” — Joey Walters, Edinburgh,