Who am I to Teach and Charge for it?



“Who Am I To Teach?” The question is real. We’ve asked it of ourselves many times and likely will many more. In this 101 page eBook, you will learn about Comforts & Encouragements, Caveats & Afflictions, and Paths Forward in relation to teaching your work and being grounded and confident as a teacher.


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“Who Am I To Teach?”

This is a question that I hear asked, sometimes openly, but more often in between the lines by many clients I work with; most of them life coaches, spiritual teachers and healers.

I’ve heard it called “the impostor syndrome.” It often feels like we’re being a fraud.

The question is real.

I’ve asked it of myself many times and likely will many more.

And, so, meeting this question as many times as I have, it struck me that I should probably have something useful to say about it. This Who Am I To Teach? book is my best attempt to do so.

Who Am I To Teach?  is a 106 page eBook, divided up into three sections.

The first section is called Comforts & Encouragements. This section is there to acknowledge that many people are too hard on themselves and have a lot more to give than they think. You’ll read nineteen reassuring thoughts here.

The second section is called Caveats & Afflictions. This section is there to caution us from trying to skip over this question or write it off as just a disempowering belief. How many people have been burned by teachers who weren’t ready? Too many. You’ll read ten cautionary thoughts here.

The third section is called Paths Forward. In this section I propose many specific approaches we can take that might allow us to keep our integrity around this important question oh “who am I to teach?” while still earning an income from our work. You’ll read twenty-one ideas here.

The caveat I must offer here before you buy this: As I write this I am a forty-year-old, white fellow from Edmonton, Alberta in Canada (if you want to know more about me and my work, you can read up here). I suspect that twenty years from now I might write a very different book. What I bring with Who Am I To Teach?  is over a decade of working directly with clients in my marketing workshops and in one-on-one coaching session, along with my own personal wrestlings with the topic of “who am I to teach?” If this resonates, give it a read.

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