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What the #%&! Am I Doing With My Life – Webinar Recording



This is a replay of a live webinar with Alex Baisley of The Big Dream Program – hosted by Marketing for Hippies on November 30th 2023.

There were 160 registrants, and the results were fantastic! We hope you enjoy.



Why do I price my work in USD? Read about that choice HERE.

Figure out what you’re doing with the next chapter of your life – your thing – and start tomorrow!

Picture this …

It’s a sunny morning, and you wake up feeling more at home in your life, in your own skin, and excited about your day, than you have in a very, very long time.

And you also have that deep satisfying feeling that you’re on track.

You know exactly what you are meant to be doing in this life and world.

If the topic of life purpose, life direction, finding your calling, or put more simply: “figuring out what the sweet holy f**k am I doing with my life” is a big question for you these days, then this might just be the webinar for you!


Hiya friends of Tad and Marketing for Hippies.

My name is Alex Baisley and I’m based in Canada. I’ve got a mentoring biz called the Big Dream Program and for the past nearly 20 years have been sharing my perspective with folks trying to figure out the bloody-hard question: “wtf am I doing with my life?”

I work mostly with self-employed folks who have about a gazillion interests they struggle to choose between, are really talented, ambitious (especially when they know where they’re headed), and really want to make their own unique kind of contribution to the world.

They are driven by a desire for their lives and work to feel meaningful.

And they are ALSO driven by a desire to have a more sane and fun daily life, which sometimes seems at odds with the previous desire.


Do you:

  • Want a successful business so you can be in charge of your own time?
  • Have a friggin’ lot of interests and talents and don’t want to have to choose just ONE to move forward with? (Spoiler alert – you probably don’t have to choose, at least until hearing me out.)
  • Sometimes want to throw it all out the window and figure out a way to live in a hut by the beach, do yoga, grow vegetables, hang out with your close-ies, and read great books all day?

IF you answered YES to these then you need to watch this call!


In This 2-Hour Workshop, You Will:

  • Learn how to avoid the “mono-crop” template of work-design. That’s what the problem was in the first place for me and most of my clients. (Hint – you’re probably an “Experience Designer” which is a very different business model than the one you’ve been taught.)
  • Uncover a unique way to blend your interests into your calling instead of the endless cycle of trying to choose a pigeon hole that’s too small for you.
  • Craft your Personal HABITAT: a fill-in-the-boxes masterplan to package all the things that make you YOU into your own unique business – your THING in this world. It’s a wholistic approach that aligns with who you truly are.
  • Learn a way to get started building it this week.

What’s Included:

  • Immediate access to the full 2hr workshop recording

BONUS (you will receive an email after purchase with details about how to access these amazing bonuses)

  • The Slide Deck: 55 Slides including core framework and homework.
  • A video-rich 10+ email follow-up pack with important tips, and roll-up-your-sleeves ideas to help you get started implementing what you learn. These are things that didn’t fit in the 2hr workshop!


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