The Top Ten Blunders Holistic Practitioners & Life Coaches Make



If you’re a service provider like an holistic practitioner, life coach or permaculture practitioner who is struggling to get enough clients, this 40 page ebook is well worth the time and money. In my experience, most service providers make the same blunders. And if all you do is to stop making these blunders, you’re well ahead of the game.


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These are blunders that are, almost always, entirely invisible to those making them. They’re not even things most of them consider when going about their marketing. This results in them infiltrating everything they do. Even their best intended, most well thought out plans are laid to waste by these unresolved issues. I see this all the time. They are like blinders that they don’t even know they’re wearing.

These are thoughts I’ve had and been teaching in my workshops for years. I don’t know why it has taken so long to get them into ebook format.

The symbol of the hands here serves both as ten fingers counting the blunders, a warning to slow down but also maybe some hands sending your some healing vibes or about to give your marketing a really good massage.

During my workshops, I see people’s eyes widen as they “get it.” I hear them reflecting on past efforts and finally ‘getting it’ why they didn’t work.

Struggling in ones marketing is hard. But having no idea why one is struggling is infinitely worse.

I wish an awareness of these ten blunders was basic education people received when starting out in their practice. I hope you will find the awareness of them as liberating as clients from around the world have.

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