The Niching Arc 101 Webinar Recording



This 2.5 hour webinar was recorded live in March, 2024.  

Why is niching so hard?

There are so many reasons but, in the end, the question isn’t so helpful.

Here’s a better question:

How can you clarify your niche?

This webinar will help you start to answer that question and figure out your niche.


Why do I price my work in USD? Read about that choice HERE.

In This Webinar You Will Get:

  • 18 examples of weird niches

  • 2 Meme & Music Meditations

  • One sweet five-minute visualization

  • the Four Pillars of Honing Your Niche

  • nine ways to know if you’ve got the right niche

  • six of my favourite poems on niching

  • 14 reasons why niching matters

  • Learn the twelve step process I most recommend to working through your thinking on your niche on your own (or with the help of your colleagues) + a simple exercise you can do for each step

  • Learn my favourite questions that helps coaches and those in the healing arts to, finally, make progress on their niche.

  • Be guided through a brief version of my Living Room Meditation

  • Learn a bit about my year-long Niching Arc program (no big, heavy pitch but I will take five minutes or so to talk about it).

  • + (if we have time at the end) a chance to ask me your toughest questions on niching

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