The Heart of Selling: An Interview with Mark Silver



Sales. This is an area where I see many service providers struggle. And, years ago, it was an area where I had some confusion and questions too. And, so I called up my dearest colleague and marketing bromance Mark Silver to delve into this perilous and sticky terrain and get his perspective on how to sell without any of the grossness or awkwardness. We recorded the conversation and, years later, I am finally releasing this 83 page ebook to the world (with a few added bonuses).


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I’d had so many clients relay the struggles they had with selling…

  • Even when they meet someone who could be a great fit and you think that you might be able to help them how does that initial conversation go? How does it flow? What do you talk about? What don’t you talk about?
  • And, if they seem interested, if they’re leaning in and it seems like it could really be a fit, how does that transition from you talking about it to them actually booking an appointment with you?
  • And then, how do you get them to come back and rebook with you. After a session, when you’re just standing there like, “So, would you like to rebook a session?” it can just not flow as easily as it could. Often, those conversations tend to be really awkward for both parties.

So, I went into this interview wanting to get Mark’s take on these issues. And he more than delivered.

This Interview is For You if:

  • you are a service provider (e.g. holistic practitioner, life coach, permaculture practitioner etc.)
  • you don’t have as many of the kinds of clients as you’d like to have
  • you hate the idea of selling anyone anything

This Interview is Not For You if:

  • you are looking for a nuts and bolts training with precise steps and exactly what to say – this product is more of a grounding on the core fundamentals of a more conscious selling process.
  • if you’re looking for better ways to ‘get the sale’ and ‘overcome objections’

In this 83-page Heart of Business Interview you’ll learn:

  • how to have the initial conversation with a potential client in a way that doesn’t push them away
  • how you can use Mark Silver’s notion of The Three Journeys to build a relationship with potential clients in a way that feels completely natural and organic
  • how to remove pushiness from your selling by understanding the difference between safety and attraction
  • how to address your own neediness for the sale so that it doesn’t interfere with people buying from you.
  • why being a generosity based business can get you more clients
  • why focusing on how to get people to come in and rebook with you for another session might actually be the very trap that’s keeping your business from actually sustaining you
  • a way to figure out your pricing that is not only incredibly effective but works
  • how to use the art of Compassionate Questioning to build trust with potential clients and see if it’s a fit
  • 21 examples of non-empathic responses to what potential clients might share with you in a selling conversation that will cripple any chances of them buying from you
  • how to give an empathic response that will warm the heart of a potential client and have them trust you all the more
  • how to know when it’s the right moment to ask for the business and an example of how to make that transition gracefully
  • the importance of leadership and being a trusted advisor
  • the truth about what sales pressure is, how it is created and how you can diffuse it
  • how bringing a focus on the truth in sales can result in more sales and better vibes

Plus, As Bonuses:

  • four of the most client repelling traits a service provider can have (plus 28 case studies of when holistic practitioners embodied these four qualities and 15 example of when practitioners embodied the opposite of those qualities).
  • a lengthy excerpt from The Principles of PreEminence (which can be found in my ebook The Way of the Radical Business).
  • 25 questions you can ask yourself to determine your unique point of view
  • the four levels of advising one can offer
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