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This Two-Part, Five-Hour Lab-Style Live, In-Person Workshop was recorded in March, 2023. 

How this is different from my POV Foundations and POV Advanced webinar recordings?

While there is some overlap in content and examples, the webinars are content only, no pausing to DO stuff where as this lab is very active, hands-on, and engaging right away.

This lab is something that you could get a pod together and dig into.


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If you’ve been following my work for any amount of time, then you’ve heard me talk about the importance of point of view in marketing.

When I say “point of view,” I mean: your perspective, philosophy, take on thing, approach, cosmology, system, world-view, core principles, voice, values, map, compass, and route.

Your niche is central to relevance, whereas your point of view is absolutely central to trust and credibility.

Aside from niche, point of view is the missing element in 90% of the businesses I come across. 

I’ve been talking and thinking about this for a long time but only recently have I taken the time to really laser in on my exact thoughts about point of view.

The result of that thinking is this workshop.

Imagine that your ideal clients are on Island A where they are struggling with some problem or symptoms they don’t like. They want to get to Island B where there is a result they are craving. Your business is like a boat that can get them from one island to the other.

So, then what’s your point of view?

Your point of view is the map you use to get from one island to the other. It’s the compass you use. It’s the route you plot. It’s your diagnosis, prognosis and prescription.

Think of best sellers like The Four Agreements, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People or Loving What Is.

What do they all have in common? A clear point of view.

Think of enduring perspectives on health and healing like the medicine wheel, the Chinese meridian system and five elements or the chakra system.

What do they all have in common? A clear point of view.

Think of the work you do and what got you into it. My guess is that it was a clear perspective you resonated with that made sense of your world and your struggles. 

Bottom line: The clearer your perspective, the more potent your marketing will be to attract your ideal clients and actively repel people who aren’t a good fit for you. A clear point of view will enable you to feel more confident in your business and craft better offers for your clients. A clear point of view is the basis for every piece of content you will ever create.

But a clear point of view doesn’t just happen.

It has to be cultivated and crafted with as much care as you would take in helping your finest client.

This live recording of my workshop is a fine place to start in understanding, at a deeper level, what Point of View Marketing is and why it matters. 


Photo Credit: James Richardson from Newport, Wales workshop.

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